Prizing Prioritizing: Summary of Part 2 of Series

How is your weekend going so far?  Have you been prizing your priorities? We are now at the end of this part of the series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Priorities, and Pursuing Purpose. So here’s your summary of Part 2: Prizing Prioritizing with links to the posts, if any of you would like to review those posts – or read them for the first time.


Here are the titles and links to all the posts on priorities, along with brief excerpts from each. Please do review, or read them for the first time, in preparation for moving onto Part 3: Pursuing Purpose.


Prizing Prioritizing: Intro to Part 2 of the Series

The dictionary definition of priority is “Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency; something afforded or deserving prior attention; something given specified attention.”

This also means that even priorities need to be prioritized, because some are more deserving of “specified” attention than others.


Prizing Prioritizing: Bringing Balance to Our Priorities

Even important tasks and obligations can become off-balance if we don’t pay attention, and do what is necessary to regain the balance. I’ve heard it said many times, “Balance is the key to life.”

So why is being out of balance so risky? I really couldn’t explain it any better than the way Joyce Meyer did in a couple excerpts from her devotional book, Starting Your Day Right:

It is easy to get over-committed, burned out, bummed out, worn out, and stressed out if you are trying to keep up with too many commitments. It is out of balance to try to do everything.”

If you are feeling compelled to do so much that you are physically worn out, you may be driven instead of led. Remember, you have to come apart from a busy routine before you come apart yourself.”



Prizing Prioritizing: Establishing Our Priorities 

How do you go about establishing your priorities?

Well, let’s first understand what it means to establish something in the context we are using, via the online dictionary: “to place or settle in a secure position; to make firm or secure; to cause to be recognized or accepted.”

From these definitions, we could then say we want to settle our priorities in a secure position, and cause them to be recognized or accepted as priorities in our lives. They hold a position of significance, and barring circumstances beyond our control, those people first and things secondly should retain the levels of priority in which they are secured.



Prizing Priorities: Tackling Our Priorities

Much like the idea of not allowing the opposing team player to get away from us with the football, we don’t want to allow our priorities to slip from our grasp or get out of our control.

I’ve learned that NOT overcoming or preventing procrastination, and NOT prioritizing, balancing, establishing, and tackling priorities consistently, results in feelings of frustration, dread, embarrassment, fatigue, and otherwise negative, “I’m a failure,” type of emotions. All these things combined certainly interfere with the ability to pursue purpose in our lives!



So what about you?


Have you been following this series so far?


Have the posts been helpful for you and are you making changes in your life?



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