Prioritizing Our Priorities

Happy Saturday to all! I’m back, really, to continue my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.

I’ve just been implementing some of what I’ve been blogging about, as in working on priorities…or perhaps, more accurately, prioritizing my priorities!

The dictionary definition of priority is “Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency; something afforded or deserving prior attention; something given specified attention.”

This also means that even priorities need to be prioritized, because some are more deserving of “specified” attention than others. In my life, my priorities are God first, and then the special people in my life: hubby; family; friends; and others such as colleagues and classmates.

After people, then priorities are work, education, and leisure; the difficulty has been in how I organize or prioritize those three, as the “importance or urgency” changes from day to day.  The most crucial thing, I think, is that things should not take precedence over people, who are much more deserving of attention.

Of course, this topic is fresh in my mind, because I just blogged about it less than three weeks ago, at the end of the UBC month of July — that I did successfully finish for the first time — when I wrote a post that strangely went by without comments, entitled “Prioritize-Prioritize-Prioritize— so now I’m going to borrow part of that post as I begin catching up on posts (planning on a couple a day for about a week).

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Taking a cue from the real estate mantra of “Location-Location-Location” — I’m thinking a good one for freelancers who work from home is “Prioritize-Prioritize-Prioritize” because we need to clearly define boundaries between our personal lives and our work. This is especially difficult since our work is also where we live. Sometimes it takes an unpleasant event to let us know that our priorities are out of order or off balance.

I am thankful that even though discipline, correction, or a light shining on your faults and flaws is not pleasant at the time…afterward it will yield fruits of peace and improved relationships (my paraphrased version of Hebrews 12:11).

True confession time: I have been so busy lately with freelance work and school, that my dearly beloved husband was beginning to feel like a single man because I never seemed to have time for him or had to “schedule” him in! I feel horrible that I was so far OUT of balance that I hurt him this much! We had a long discussion and are now working on things together. After 10 1/2 years together, we’re not about to throw things away.

Next post: Balancing Our Priorities.

The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life

is the source from which self-respect springs. 

~~Joan Didion

I shared this in the hopes that it might save someone else from going through this!

Do you ever find yourself and your schedule out of balance?


5 thoughts on “Prioritizing Our Priorities”
  1. I rarely find myself out of balance in this part of my life because I have (purposely) minimized commitments. However, I also know that, in the near future, I will have to increase caregiving activities as respects an aging mother in law and my disabled brother in law- I am preparing for that eventuality. I hope you can find the balance that will allow your marriage to flourish.

  2. Larelle-Susanne Here from the Friendly Crafters Design Team On FB, just wanted to thank you for Joining our Blog Event and hope you join us for future events. Hugs Larelle-Susanne

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