Price Is Right-But It’s Haunted?

Interesting NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today:

Would you buy your dream house if the price was right BUT you also were told it was inhabited by ghosts?


Well, I’ve already discussed in an earlier post a couple weeks ago that my dream house would be somewhere along the Maine coastline, overlooking the ocean. It would quite literally have to be a miracle if the price was right for a home like that, considering how expensive oceanfront property is, but I would definitely be tempted to consider it if all the circumstances were right to buy that dream house.


I don’t really believe in ghosts and haunted houses, at least not the Halloween or Hollywood horror movie versions. HOWEVER…I fully believe in the spiritual realm, good and evil, and would be sensitive to the presence of any spirits. I guess I would have to really seek wisdom from God to determine if the spiritual activity was of the good or evil variety, to decide if the house would be worth the interaction and influence.


My immediate thought is I would have to pass on buying the house if the “ghosts” or spirits were really of the evil, demonic variety. No sense in exposing ourselves to that kind of potential trouble.


However, if the spiritual influence was good and positive, I think the house would be worth it, as long as the overall feeling in the house was peacefulness. Whether those spirits represented good and decent people who had passed, or angels inhabited that house, I would probably think of them as spiritual guides and welcome their presence.


This discussion makes me think of my parents who have both passed away.  There are times I sense their presence, which is what gave me the idea that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have a home overlooking the ocean – a place both my parents loved – especially if it made me feel closer to them. It might actually be a comforting and sentimental situation, as if the veil between earth and heaven lifted, giving us who remain on this earth a glimpse of the great beyond. If you have never heard Justin Moore sing If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away – you should listen to it!


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