Preventing Procrastination: Inability to Fulfill Your Potential

It’s Saturday night! I am continuing with my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.

The next post in my blog series is: Procrastination is an inability to fulfill our potential. 



This is a topic I’ve discussed before, so I’m going to borrow some content from earlier posts.


The word potential (thanks, online dictionary) means “capable of being, but not yet in existence” or “capable of development into actuality.” So the gifts, strengths, and plans we have are capable of existing, but we need to actively develop them into actuality.


A couple examples come to mind:


*We can assemble all the ingredients for a cake next to the empty bowl. They represent the potential for a cake – but until we actively combine all the ingredients according to the directions and bake the mixture in the right pan at the right temperature for the right amount of time – we have unfulfilled potential and no cake!


*Fellow writers should be able to relate to this: We can sit with paper and pens in front of us – or blank Word documents on our computers or laptops – or empty data fields for blogs or content writing – and have all kinds of ideas. The potential exists for great articles, blog posts, and even books – but until we develop those thoughts by writing or typing them, they remain unfulfilled potential.


When we procrastinate or put off taking the steps necessary to exercise a gift, develop a strength, or implement a plan, we are unable to fulfill the potential inherent in any of those things.

“A year from now, you may wish you had started today.” 

~Karen Lamb

What about you?


Do you have areas in your life where procrastination has prevented you from reaching your full potential?


Can you think of strategies to help you prevent procrastination, so you CAN reach your potential?


3 thoughts on “Preventing Procrastination: Inability to Fulfill Your Potential”
  1. For me, writing lists works. Last year, when we had to downsize and relocate my elderly mother in law, a project manager at work helped me set up a spreadsheet. Not only was it a “to do” list with handy phone numbers, but it became a record of accomplishments. (After a while, I abandoned it, but it was a most helpful tool.)

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