Motivation Monday: What Motivates YOU?

What Are YOUR Motivators?       True confession: I have been living with a pool table for over 14 years. Well, the pool table belonged to my hubby, Dave, and he had it for over 23 years, since he first bought his house, before we ever met.     After we met, and I […]

Finally Friday: Finishing Things We Have Started

Don’t Give Up… You CAN Finish What You Started!     Happy Friday night! I have previously published a series of blog posts on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose. For today, since it’s FINALLY FRIDAY, in reality and according to my self-imposed blog theme list — I thought I would borrow from that […]

Intentionally Pulling Down Strongholds to Move Past Obstacles

Pulling Down Strongholds… Intentionally!   It’s Women With Intentions Wednesday – a day to talk about making purposeful, deliberate, intentional choices, and acting on them. Self-disclosure: One of my ongoing struggles in life is procrastination. It’s not even intentional, most of the time. Actually, it’s a combination of procrastination and distraction, all encompassed within a […]

Top 20 Online Job Boards for Top List Tuesday

TOP 20 ONLINE JOB BOARDS   It’s Tuesday and that means another “Top List” post! So I snagged this from a separate page here on my blog with tips for Finding Freelance Work. Here is a Top 20 list of various job boards I regularly visit; I have snagged jobs from many of them–yes, even […]

Change Your Behavior to Reignite Motivation

Motivation Monday: Behavior and Motivation     [Take 2 on blogging consistently for August! I was a bit busy last week preparing for a weekend trip out of state to visit my granddaughters and making gifts for a bridal shower for my oldest nephew’s fiancee.] It’s MOTIVATION MONDAY! Many times we need to engage in […]