Our Words Are Containers of Power

As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems this presidential election has brought out the worst in some people. The rude words and name-calling have been, and continue to be, disturbing. People don’t seem to consider how their words affect other people, often long after the words have been spoken. I wrote this note … Read more

If I Could Change One Thing In My Life

What an interesting question: If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be? This is the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today, and it’s difficult to choose just ONE thing…but I do know one area that would in turn help improve other areas in my life. The one thing I … Read more

My Dream Job: Online Professor & Instructional Designer

The NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today is to discuss what my “dream job” might be if I instantly had the qualifications and training to do so. I didn’t have to think too long about this; my current career and education path is what I want to do. If I could skip the remaining four years … Read more

Compliment on My Political Commentary

I made a conscious decision NOT to get involved with all the political bickering that has been prevalent on Facebook over the past month. I dislike confrontation and would just as soon not express my opinion on personal matters like religious and political beliefs. BUT … this morning I decided to make ONE post with … Read more

If I Was President

On this evening of the 2012 elections, awaiting results…the writing prompt for NaBloPoMo is to ponder what I might do as my first act if I was President of the United States. Honestly, I wouldn’t want the job – I know I don’t have the emotional fortitude (sorry, ladies – I’m not sure any woman … Read more