Have You Checked Out Amazon.com Lately?

Last time I participated in a blog challenge, I discussed Etsy.com as an interesting site people should check out (yes, I’m biased, since I have a shop there!) This time, though – for my UBC post#5 – I want to direct your attention to Amazon.com. What do you think of when you hear or read … Read more

Worthwhile Charity – Little Avery and SMA

While it may appear to be poor timing for me to be WAY behind in posting for the UBC – it’s interesting that the suggestion for UBC post#4 is to discuss a charity worth noting…and I only discovered THIS one yesterday! From the Families of SMA.org site: “Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a motor neuron … Read more

It’s Like This – You Should Know Its Meaning

The suggestion for UBC post #3 was to discuss a subject about which we have some knowledge or expertise. I seem to have acquired an interest, and eventually a substantial amount of knowledge, in the area of language arts and writing.¬† This began early in my life – at least during junior high school (we’re … Read more

My Favorite Top 5 Business Sites

For my UBC post#2, I want to offer what I consider my favorite Top 5 business sites, as they relate to freelance topics, such as writing, blogging, working from home, and improving skills.¬† I’m not putting these in any particular order of importance – just alphabetical! My Favorite Top 5 Business Sites 1- Alison FREE … Read more

Blogathon Commencing!

Greetings, one and all! I really did NOT fall off the planet – just got sidetracked with a hectic month due to — no big surprise — getting behind on OTHER obligations! Problem is, I signed up to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge¬†(UBC) prior to realizing how busy the month of April would be for … Read more