Remember: Fall Back in Daylight Savings Zones

It’s that time already for those who live in areas of the country that recognize Daylight Savings Time. Don’t forget to “fall back”one hour before you go to bed tonight…unless you will be awake during traditional second shift hours or are the type who likes to stay up until 2am just for the fun of … Read more

My Dream Home Would Overlook the Ocean

If I could live anywhere, I actually wouldn’t have to go too far. I’m already living in Maine with my darling husband and our “fur babies” – but we would both like to live closer to the coast, with an ocean view. Ironically enough, I grew up in New Hampshire, but my family and I … Read more


If you are a writer, and involved in writing networks online, you are probably familiar with the acronym “NaNoWriMo” … but if you are NOT, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is an annual event, which began in 1999, to encourage writers to create novels in oneĀ  month’s time by focusing on writing … Read more

Happy Belated Birthday to My Only Son

Yes, it figures that as soon as I committed to another blog challenge–this time the Ultimate Blog Challenge, or UBC–and wrote my first post on overcoming obstacles, I got days full of obstacles that prevented me from posting every day! Anyway, I had planned my second post to be a birthday reflection about my only … Read more

October is for Overcoming Obstacles

Happy October 1st! I’m not sure what happened to the second half of August or the whole month of September since I last blogged – other than the fact that my husband and I have been involved in some major home improvement projects … AND … I became a grandmother for the first time on … Read more