Sewing on a Sentimental Saturday

Sewing and Sentiment   On this day 15 (!) years ago, my beloved Dad escaped the suffering of lymphoma and left the boundaries of this earth to enter heaven’s gates – to touch the face of God, and to return the embrace of the Lord Whom Dad served his entire life. My Sewing Saturday was […]

Finally Friday AND Starting September!

It’s FRIDAY & SEPTEMBER 1ST!   Not only is it Finally Friday again – it’s also September 1st! 🙂 I had an unplanned week off from blogging – partly related to the incident I mentioned in my last post about falling and injuring my ring finger on my right hand. I still had to power […]

Motivation Monday: Testing a New Schedule

Motivation Monday: Scheduling!     It’s another Monday morning…and I’m pondering a NEW schedule to motivate me to be more productive and get more accomplished, without feeling frustrated and overwhelmed! 🙂  I actually did laugh out loud — LOL! 🙂  — when I read this quote: Oh my word, it’s so true! I start the […]

Sewing Saturday: Quilts Galore!

Quilts Galore on Sewing Saturday!     SEW… yeah, it’s SEWING SATURDAY!  🙂     SEW far, I have finished the purple and yellow quilt.  This one is for a friend whose dad is battling bladder cancer. The ribbon colors for that are yellow, purple, and blue, so those are the colors Nadine wanted in the […]