Sewing Saturday: Quilts Galore!

Quilts Galore on Sewing Saturday!     SEW… yeah, it’s SEWING SATURDAY!  🙂     SEW far, I have finished the purple and yellow quilt.  This one is for a friend whose dad is battling bladder cancer. The ribbon colors for that are yellow, purple, and blue, so those are the colors Nadine wanted in the […]

Motivation Monday: What Motivates YOU?

What Are YOUR Motivators?       True confession: I have been living with a pool table for over 14 years. Well, the pool table belonged to my hubby, Dave, and he had it for over 23 years, since he first bought his house, before we ever met.     After we met, and I […]

Finally Friday: Finishing Things We Have Started

Don’t Give Up… You CAN Finish What You Started!     Happy Friday night! I have previously published a series of blog posts on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose. For today, since it’s FINALLY FRIDAY, in reality and according to my self-imposed blog theme list — I thought I would borrow from that […]