Finally Friday and First Day of Fall!

Fall Friday!   It’s finally Friday – AND the first day of FALL, my favorite season! Living in New England, first in New Hampshire and now in Maine, I never get tired of seeing the fall foliage. I also enjoy the cooler temperatures, which are a wonderful respite after summer’s humidity. Borrowing a blurb from […]

Intentionally Eating Healthier on Women With Intention Wednesday

  Intentionally Choosing a Healthier Lifestyle     It’s Women With Intention Wednesday again… which means focusing on something INTENTIONALLY.   Here’s the definition again: **Intentionally: deliberately, purposely, knowingly**   Recently, I deliberately chose to research various healthier eating plans and download some reports and guidelines from a number of established nutritionists. I even invested […]

Seeking Serenity on a September Sunday

Serenity September Sunday     It’s our third Sunday in September. The leaves are partway into their fall foliage change of colors. Yet you wouldn’t know it’s FALL in Maine, because the temperatures and humidity levels are in the 80s today, much like our Sultry Saturday I wrote about yesterday. Since it’s Serenity Sunday on […]

Sewing on a Sultry September Saturday

Sewing and Sweating? On a September Saturday?     So it’s Sewing Saturday and it has been a very sultry September day… temps in the 80s and humidity level about the same!  I don’t enjoy humidity in the summer, and definitely don’t appreciate it in the fall. This is my favorite season, and our leaves […]