Top List Tuesday: My Top 4 Tasks Today

Top 4 Tuesday Tasks   It’s Top List Tuesday and today’s list is focused on my main four tasks and goals for today, aside from the usual random chores and blogging!       So here’s my list for today… ~~ Top 4 Tuesday Tasks ~~         Make soup in the slow cooker   […]

Motivation Monday: Keep On Keeping On!

Motivation Monday: 4th Monday in October!     It’s the fourth Motivation Monday of October on my blog today!   I do apologize for my absence since last week, as other priorities demanded my time and attention.   To help you recall the theme I began at the end of September, in my first Motivation […]

Motivation Monday: Global Feral Cat Day!

Feral Cat Day!     Happy Global Feral Cat Day! Yes, it’s Motivation Monday  and I was in the middle of a mini-series (and I missed last Monday – I’ll catch up!) But I’m taking the opportunity on this special Monday to talk about how hubby Dave and I were motivated 8 years ago to […]

Sewing Saturday is Summary Saturday!

  Sewing Saturday = Summary Saturday     [Please pardon my absence of a week or so–in addition to being out of state last weekend for a family wedding, I also suffered a mild concussion after colliding with one of our dogs! As I was bending down to hook our smallest dog on her run, […]

Top List Tuesday: Our Top 5 Formerly Feral Felines!

Top 5 Formerly Feral Felines!   It’s Tuesday and that means time for another “Top” list – and today, with some added alliteration, it’s about…   Our Top 5 Formerly Feral Felines!   Here’s the background: It all started 8 years ago, over the months of September and October 2009, when we started seeing these […]