Simply Saturday and Another New Doctor in the House!

Introducing: Dr. Jennifer!   On this “Simply Saturday,” I’m excited to share a wonderful account of a fellow doctoral graduate’s journey! Jenn and I are both now alumni of Northcentral University. I successfully defended my dissertation back on June 26th; Jenn just defended hers on November 27th. She shared this wonderful account of her own […]

Saturday is Now Simply Saturday, Some Announcements, AND We Survived the Super Storm of October-November 2017

Now Simply Saturday with Some Announcements   Well… THAT was interesting! (See Third Announcement below!) First, a brief announcement: I’ve decided to modify my blog topic schedule to make Saturday “Simply Saturday” instead of “Sewing Saturday” — since sewing only happens sporadically!       Second announcement: I’ve added a page here on my blog, […]

Top List Tuesday: My Top 4 Tasks Today

Top 4 Tuesday Tasks   It’s Top List Tuesday and today’s list is focused on my main four tasks and goals for today, aside from the usual random chores and blogging!       So here’s my list for today… ~~ Top 4 Tuesday Tasks ~~         Make soup in the slow cooker   […]

Motivation Monday: Keep On Keeping On!

Motivation Monday: 4th Monday in October!     It’s the fourth Motivation Monday of October on my blog today!   I do apologize for my absence since last week, as other priorities demanded my time and attention.   To help you recall the theme I began at the end of September, in my first Motivation […]

Motivation Monday: Global Feral Cat Day!

Feral Cat Day!     Happy Global Feral Cat Day! Yes, it’s Motivation Monday  and I was in the middle of a mini-series (and I missed last Monday – I’ll catch up!) But I’m taking the opportunity on this special Monday to talk about how hubby Dave and I were motivated 8 years ago to […]