Serenity Sunday in the Garden

Serenity in the Garden      Welcome to the first Sunday in September! Here on my blog, it’s Serenity Sunday! And as I sit out in our garden on this beautiful day with my hubby Dave and our three dogs, I figured what better post to write than one about serenity in a garden! All […]

Motivation Monday is Back – Did You START Something?

Don’t Go Starting Something!! Or Maybe You SHOULD?     Welcome (or welcome back) to my K. Lee Banks, EdD, Inspired Freelance Consultant blog, where I endeavor to share daily motivational and/or inspirational thoughts that will hopefully uplift your spirit and speak to your life in some way.  (I also endeavor to blog DAILY on […]

Simply Saturday and Another New Doctor in the House!

Introducing: Dr. Jennifer!   On this “Simply Saturday,” I’m excited to share a wonderful account of a fellow doctoral graduate’s journey! Jenn and I are both now alumni of Northcentral University. I successfully defended my dissertation back on June 26th; Jenn just defended hers on November 27th. She shared this wonderful account of her own […]