Happy Thanksgiving – Focus on Gratitude

To all those who celebrated today, I hope you had a … [Source: Facebook] Even when it’s not a holiday like Thanksgiving, it’s important to practice giving thanks and to focus on gratitude. On my other blog, Words of Encouragement, I have been running a “Gratitude Challenge” all month. I’ve been discussing my daily posts […]

Arriving at Decisions by a Certain Age

Decisions, decisions. They’re in our face all the time, every day. They also range from minor, like choosing what clothes to wear, or what food to eat — to life-changing, such as a career change or lifestyle change. I sometimes second guess decisions, such as pursuing my Doctor of Education degree, since it has taken […]

Moving Forward in My Doctoral Journey

Moving forward in my doctoral journey!!! I got word toward the end of last week that my university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) has finally granted full approval for me to begin my study. Once I gather data and complete my final two chapters in my dissertation manuscript, and get that approved, the remaining task will […]

Let’s Stop the Hate and Allow Others to Be Different

Let’s stop the hate!! I don’t usually become embroiled in political or other controversial issues, but some of the events taking place in the aftermath of the election really alarm me.   There definitely seems to be a double standard in operation right now.   Those upset by Trump’s win and Hillary’s loss apparently are […]

Overcome Procrastination by Pulling Down Strongholds

Overcome procrastination by pulling down those strongholds!¬†¬† One ongoing challenge I continue to face is the existence of strongholds in my life–especially in the area of procrastination. I’m not consciously CHOOSING to procrastinate, but it just seems to be a constant, unwelcome companion.   *Ongoing issues with procrastination indicate an established stronghold or repetitive behavior […]

Reignite Motivation by Changing Behavior – November 3

I’m borrowing from a post published a few months ago, as it’s a topic that has come up again recently: sometimes it’s necessary to reignite motivation by changing behavior.     Many times we need to engage in modifying our behaviors to in turn reignite our motivation. This is especially important if we want to […]

Pursue Positivity by Negating Negativity – November 2

Pursue positivity by negating negativity. That’s one way to overcome¬† a bad attitude, as I posted about yesterday. Of course, it wouldn’t be reasonable to suggest you can be happy and positive all the time. It can be a real challenge just to get up some days and face your responsibilities. It helps, though, to […]