Our Words Are Containers of Power

As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems this presidential election has brought out the worst in some people. The rude words and name-calling have been, and continue to be, disturbing. People don’t seem to consider how their words affect other people, often long after the words have been spoken.

I wrote this note on Facebook a few months ago, but it seems really appropriate to share it now.


Whether you want to call it confessing the Word, Law of Attraction, positive affirmations – the practice has merit! It’s not that simply saying something is like a magical, mystical incantation – you do need to believe in what you are saying and it has to be in line with God’s will for your life (or if you prefer, according to your destiny).

Our words are containers of power – as Proverbs 18:21 says, ‘Death AND life are in the power of the tongue.’ (And we could probably add the modern day version, about the power of fingers on keyboard).

Therefore, we should choose wisely whatever words we allow to come out of our mouths – or roll off our fingers onto our keyboards – and think twice before posting them!

The things we say – for good or bad – often are self-fulfilling prophecies!

SO… with that introduction – I wanted to ask, do any of you have favorite affirmations you say daily or on occasion?


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