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The suggestion for UBC post #10 was to discuss a favorite quote. I have so many, it is next to impossible to choose only ONE.  I can say that the person I most often quote is Joyce Meyer, a Bible teacher and motivational speaker with an international ministry, and published author (NY Times Bestseller) with over 70 books. I own some of her teaching series and books, as well as several of her devotional books, including this one:

So here is ONE of my many favorite quotes by Joyce Meyer:

Seldom do your circumstances change without something first changing in you.”

This speaks to me in light of how often we tend to want to change OTHER people, or we pray that God will change our circumstances – when in fact, change often has to start in us FIRST before we will start seeing changes in people and situations. I think it also goes back to that old adage, “Let go and let God.”

If we are willing to take our hands off a situation, and stop telling God how we want a person or situation to change – and instead ask Him to change US – it has been my experience that circumstances do in fact begin to change in our favor. Note that the changes may not always be what we expected – but they are what God knows to be in our best interest.

This brings to mind another favorite “Joycism” —

I may not be where I need to be, but I thank God I am not where I used to be.

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