November 9 – Video Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Welcome to my blog, where I am using ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge for this month of November. Sundays are designated for video blog posts, so here we go!


I am excited to be part of an active writing support group on Facebook that has almost become like extended family, in spite of the fact most of us have never met one another. A recent endeavor that was the “brain child” of one member has become quite successful as an alternative news and media site, with the fun name “c0ws.”



One member, Jenna, did this video for her “Home Chef Review on Baked Fish and Chips.” Enjoy!



So did you enjoy this video? I’ve enjoyed interacting with Jenna in our group, but this was my first time seeing and hearing her! I think she must be as much fun in person as she appears to be here! πŸ™‚Β  Do you think you would try making this meal?



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  1. Salma - November 10, 2014 Reply

    We all need to have this much fun when making dinner. Cooking would be a much more enjoyable experience πŸ™‚
    Salma recently posted..Capturing the Important Moments in Your Child’s Life

  2. Jenn Alex Brockman - November 10, 2014 Reply

    Potatoes are ornery! She obviously hasn’t done much research (okay, any) about how to cook. I used to be that person, but I HAD to learn for the health of my daughter.
    Jenn Alex Brockman recently posted..How To Make Dry Laundry Soap for Long Term Survival

  3. Joan Harrington - November 11, 2014 Reply

    Hi K Lee πŸ™‚

    Great video and thanks for sharing how much fun it is to cook πŸ™‚ Awesome share!!
    Joan Harrington recently posted..5 Psychological Strategies That Will Change The Way You Market

  4. Tami Principe - November 11, 2014 Reply

    I would struggle cutting the potatoes as well. Nice video blog. Cooking is fun and it is great to see.
    Tami Principe recently posted..Welcome

  5. Jeanne Melanson - November 11, 2014 Reply

    This is amusing. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚
    Jeanne Melanson recently posted..Fun Facts About the Philippine Tarsier, Those Eyes!

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