November 6- Distance Learning Infographic

Welcome to my blog and today’s post. As a reminder regarding this month’s schedule and content, I am continuing with my thematic blog posts, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge. Thursdays are designated as infographic days, SO…

Today’s infographic features a history of distance learning. I wrote this accompanying article last year for a client on the topic of Distance Learning Global Trends and Options.

I think it’s fascinating and I never knew distance learning had its start WAY back in 1728!! Check it out…


Photo Credit: Anglia Ruskin University
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This infographic is especially interesting to me as a doctoral candidate in a fully online program through Northcentral University–and intriguing since my Doctor of Education concentration is in Educational Technology and E-Learning. One of the things I most enjoy about writing and education is the research involved, and all the new things you can learn in the process!

I encourage you to check out the full article at Distance Learning Global Trends and Options.

So what do you think of this infographic? Did you know distance learning actually began way back in 1728? Have you ever participated in a distance learning course or program, or are you now enrolled? If so, what have you studied or are you studying?

4 thoughts on “November 6- Distance Learning Infographic”
  1. Wow! That form of teaching started early. I’ve had experience with the School of the Air in Australia in 1972, when I travelled around the country with my husband and three children working on Correspondence lessons. From primary school to secondary, they all did well that year. So it’s thumbs up from me.
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