November 5 – Guest Blog Post with Francene Stanley

Welcome to my blog and thanks for sticking with me through my ups and downs with blogging! I’m working now on catching up for this first week of November, as other obligations once again took me away from blogging.


As a reminder, I am continuing with my thematic blog posts, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge. Wednesdays are designated as guest blogging days, so for the Wednesday, November 5th post…I want to introduce you to blogger and author Francene Stanley.


franceneFrancene Stanley, Blogger and Author

Photo Credit: Francene Stanley


“As Karen has always said, authors need to support one another. She’s invited me to share my books on her blog. Let me tell you about me.


My name is Francene Stanley and I write fiction: fantasy set in the modern day, and futuristic adventure. People read because something in a story invites their curiosity. There’s something they don’t know about the plot, the characters, or the setting—and they have to find out!


As a child in Australia, I would tell my younger sisters stories, usually accompanied by dance moves. They knew the ending already, but children thrive on repetition. Seems a little crazy to combine a plot with ballet moves, but in the late 1940s, there was no television to entertain youngsters. I never concentrated on school work, preferring
to stare out of the window and dream.


I moved to the UK midway through my life after a messy divorce. I’m pleased to say I met and married a marvelous man. When I retired, I started writing. It’s wonderful to have free time. Now I can sit and dream on a daily basis.


francene-bannerPhoto credit: Francene Stanley


I’ve published two books in the Moonstone series. See if they pique your curiosity:

Still Rock Water: a paranormal coming-of-age fantasy of a mother who wears a ring with surprising properties.

Tidal Surge:  a battle over good and evil between mother and daughter via ancient jewelry.


Can you work out what’s going on? How can a ring cause paranormal events?


I hope you want to satisfy your curiosity and buy the books. Two more novels are waiting to be published in the series set in Cornwall, UK:  Shattered Shells & Ever Changing Sea.


The next series of novels is set in the same place, but long afterward. These dystopian stories are about young people combating floods and fires and hostile others.


With another writer I contacted on the Internet Writer’s Workshop, I wrote the Higher Ground series, set in Cornwall’s future after the Great flood. We had great fun creating the characters. You can read about
how we work together on my website: Francene–Wordstitcher.


Although each one stands alone and reaches the plot’s conclusion, the novels feature the same lovable characters alongside selfish ones, getting in each other’s way as they pursue the same quest. What do you think they want to locate? And why?

Wind Over Troubled Waters

Knights in Dark Leather

Golden Submarine

Long Doom Calling

I hope I’ve given you a desire to read my stories.”


Thank you, Francene! 🙂 I am really impressed with the number of books you have written and published!


I encourage you readers who are fans of fiction in the fantasy genre to learn more about Francene and her writing by visiting her blog and her author sites:

Francene’s Daily Blog

Francene’s Amazon Author Site

Francene’s Wordstitch Author Site


So what do you think of Francene’s level of productivity and her writing? Have you read any of her books or do you read and follow her blog?

7 thoughts on “November 5 – Guest Blog Post with Francene Stanley”
  1. I enjoyed getting to know Francene, a fellow Solstice author. It is wonderful to see how writing has helped her overcome the difficulties she faced. As the son of Holocaust survivors, I turned to writing as a way to find hope in a world I did not understand or make, so it is very exciting to see Francene and others who are becoming successful with my passion as well. Best of luck on your blog. Please, let me know if I may ever be of help. Mark
    Mark H. Newhouse, Ectos (Solstice Shadows)

  2. I love reading Francene’s blog. I’ve learned so much about the topics she takes from current news stories. Enough of these are stories I haven’t read about in American news media. Just today, Francene wrote about a letter written by Kathleen of Aragon (Henry VIII’s first wife) that is now up for auction. Was so pleased to read Francene as a guest blogger on your blog.
    Alana recently posted..Fall Fancies – We’ll Always Have Yesterday

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