November 3 – Product Review of Norwex Dryer Balls

Hey, how about that, 3 for 3 so far! Thanks for reading and following my blog. I am continuing with my thematic blog posts, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge


Mondays are designated as product review days, so for today…I want to introduce you to a company called Norwex and one of their products called Dryer Balls. Yes, you read that correctly: Dryer BALLS, not dryer sheets!


dryer-ballsFluff and Tumble Dryer Balls

Source: Norwex. org

Actually, I did write a post and product review about Norwex back in June, although not specifically about Dryer Balls,  but I’m going to borrow some of the content from that post.

The Norwex company is celebrating its 20th year in business, promoting “cleaning without chemicals” through environmentally-friendly and responsible products.

The mission and purpose of Norwex is simply this:

Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals

in personal care and cleaning

to promote health.

More than ever we feel the need to emphasize

the positive environmental impact

of reducing chemical use.

Full disclosure here:

My youngest daughter, Joy–a wife, homemaker, and mom to my two beautiful granddaughters–is a consultant for Norwex, so I will refer you to her Norwex site. I hosted an online Facebook party to help her get started and earned a lot of products (they have a generous hosting package!)


Anyway, for this post and review, these Dryer Balls are amazing! Honestly! These are their specifications:

  • Made from 100 percent New Zealand wool
  • All natural, no chemical additives
  • Reduce dryer time by up to 25 percent
  • Good for as many as 1000 loads!


I’ve noticed it’s true that I can set the dryer for less time than I used to, and our clothes, towels, and other items seem softer. If you like fragrance–since these dryer balls are odorless–you can sprinkle essential oils on the dryer balls and they will then transmit that fragrance to your clothes. You will notice the balls become discolored from the oils, but that doesn’t affect how well the dryer balls work.

I buy essential oils from and my favorite scent is called Naturally Loveable Romance Blend. It’s a nice floral and citrus scent.

The set of 3 dryer balls costs $29.99 plus shipping. While that may seem expensive, just think…you won’t have to buy any more dryer sheets or fabric softener for a LONG time, if ever…depending on how long it takes to do 1000 loads! I plan to buy more Dryer Balls when I notice any reduction in effectiveness (there is a 2-year warranty).

Essential Oil



So there’s my product review for something I actually use and appreciate. Are environmentally friendly products important to you? Have you used Norwex products? If so, what do you think of them? If not, do you think you might want to try them?

5 thoughts on “November 3 – Product Review of Norwex Dryer Balls”
  1. Dryer balls are great. I made a set from old sweaters last spring (here’s my tutorial if you’re interested – To be honest, I haven’t noticed a change in dryer time (but my dryer is ancient and very temperamental) BUT, I have noticed that they cut down on static. I haven’t used fabric softener for years and don’t miss it until the winter when I’m washing fleece sweaters and sheets. With the dryer balls I’ve made, the static definitely was reduced.

    To answer Carrie Ann Tripps’ question above, you use the 3 balls all at once, not separately.
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