November 18–> Top 10 Misspelled/Misused Words

Welcome (back) to my blog, where I plan to make up a few posts and continue following an ongoing thematic blog posting schedule for November, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge, so I can reach my goal of 30 posts for this month.

For this belated November 18th post, I am going to share my own Top 10 list of common misspelled and/or  misused words.

My Words Wordle!
My Words Wordle!

I think there are probably at least double this number of words, but these are the ones I see misspelled or misused the most often, in the sense that people often use the wrong word for the context.


So here’s my Top 10 list of such words, their most common definitions (thank you, “Mr. Webster“) 😉 and their use in sample sentences


1. Brake  –  Break

Brake: device used to apply friction to slow down or stop motion –  “Don’t forget to set the emergency brake on a hill.”

Break: separate something into pieces, often in a sudden or violent way – “Be careful not to break the eggs in the grocery bag.”


2- Buy – By – Bye

Buy: purchase something – “Are you ready to buy gifts for Christmas?”

By: location next to something or someone – “Don’t stand by the swinging door.”

Bye: parting remark (short version of goodbye) – “Bye! See you next time!”


3-Cite – Sight – Site

Cite: write or say the words of a person or book – “Don’t forget to cite the source.”

Sight: seeing, vision, or perception – “The sunset was a beautiful sight to behold.”

Site: place or location or something – “This year’s site for the family gathering will be in Walpole, New Hampshire.”


4- It’s – Its

It’s: contraction of “it” and “is” – “It’s getting close to Christmas!”

Its: possessive form of “it” –  “The cloud released its snowflakes.”


5- Know – No

Know: understand or learn something – “It’s important to know what to do when the power goes out.”

No: negative answer or response – “No, I don’t think I want that much snow!”


6- Lose – Loose

Lose: misplace or be unable to find something – “I didn’t want to lose my glasses.”

Loose: not tightly fastened or attached – “The dog’s collar was too loose.”


7-  Their – There – They’re

Their: possessive form of “they” – “Family members brought their favorite desserts.”

There: location or point in a process – “We will see you there.”

They’re: contraction for “they” and “are” – as in “They’re going to be here soon.”


8- Threw – Through – Thru

Threw: past tense of throw, meaning toss/tossed – “Brady threw another touchdown pass.”

Through: movement from one side to another – “We will soon pass through another holiday season.”

Thru: variation and shortened form of through – “Do you like going to the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru or do you go inside?”


9- To – Too – Two

To: indicates direction – “We will go to the restaurant for a Thanksgiving buffet.”

Too: also, in addition – “We will invite other family members, too.”

Two: number 2  – “We have two dogs.”


10-  Your – You’re

Your: possessive form of you –  “Bring your pumpkin pie to the Thanksgiving gathering.”

You’re: contraction of “you” and “are” –  “You’re probably looking forward to turkey and stuffing.”


[Source: morgueFile free photos]

And this list doesn’t even include the common mistake (and pet peeve of mine) of people using an apostrophe to spell plural words!

Like, “I have to bring my dog’s inside.” This actually means “I have to bring my dog is inside.” It should be, “I have to bring my dogs inside.”

Does this list of words look familiar to you? Are these words you see misspelled or misused? Do any of them trip you up? What are some other words you have noticed frequently misspelled or misused?

4 thoughts on “November 18–> Top 10 Misspelled/Misused Words”
  1. Love this list, Mom. The issue of “it’s” and “its” was one I dealt with up until a mere few years ago, even though I know I learned the RIGHT way once upon a time. lol

  2. I certainly can relate. I used to be bothered by some of them, but not anymore 🙂 I also see quite often, bear-bare and spare-spear.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. So many misused words. One of my biggest (other than what you’ve already told) is the use of Sale/Sell. It also bothers me when people use the plural form women when they really mean woman. It’s I am a beautiful woman, not beautiful women. There’s only one of you!
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