November 15- Lara’s Step-by-Step Jam-Making Video Tutorial

OK, this one is so much fun to watch and learn from, I hope you won’t mind that it’s a few days late in my ongoing thematic blog post schedule for November, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge.


Lara’s Cranberry-Pear Jam Fixings! 



Saturdays are for tutorials, so since this post was scheduled for this past Saturday, 11/15,  I have another tutorial for you from another of my fellow writers, Lara, the initiator of this fun “c0ws” site:

Moda Fancy Jelly Roll [Source:]

Ironically, last Saturday I shared a video tutorial about the Jelly Roll Race,

which involved sewing fabric strips together like those in this bundle,

to create a quilt….





Lara’s Cranberry-Pear Jam Fixings!                [Source:]

THIS post is about making pear-cranberry JAM!  From non-edible jelly rolls to scrumptious looking edible jam! 😉

You will want to visit the c0ws site to get the recipe and complete directions that accompany this video:

DIY Video: Canning Cranberry-Pear Preserves

Enjoy! 🙂





I have never made jam before, but Lara makes it look like so much fun…I am tempted to try!


In fact, you might even consider it as an addition to your Thanksgiving meal next week! As Lara said,

“I think it will make a great stand-in

for standard cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.”


So did you enjoy this video? Have you made jam before? If not, do you think you might try to do so now? Have you visited the c0ws site yet to get the recipe and directions?


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