November 13 – Average College Student Budget Infographic

Welcome to (or back to) my blog! Please excuse my absence; I have not felt well the last couple of days, and then this morning we learned of a death in the family (my hubby’s stepfather after an extended illness). Now I must play catch-up!

I am continuing with my thematic blog posts, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge. This post was intended for Thursday, which is designated as an infographic day.  It’s funny, but I just realized my previous infographic was also about education–distance learning, to be exact!

But for the November 13th post, I found this interesting infographic about budgeting for higher education.  If you are in school yourself or are the parent of a college student, this might be especially interesting for you.


College Student Budget, Student Budget Worksheet
College Student Budget Worksheet    [Source:]

Looking at this makes me very glad I’m enrolled in a fully online program! Based on these statistics, room and board, plus transportation, comprise nearly half of the expense of higher education.  As an online student, I don’t have any of those expenses! I also have very little in the way of spending on entertainment, eating out, or convenience store purchases.


Unfortunately, I definitely have student loan debt! And with student loans through two graduate programs (Master’s and now Doctorate), my total is already rather alarming! I can only hope and pray I land some really excellent paying career opportunities once I officially become Dr. K’Lee Banks! 😉


So what do you think about this infographic? Is any of it surprising to you? Are you a student or have a college student in your family?


7 thoughts on “November 13 – Average College Student Budget Infographic”
  1. It costs so much to live nowadays. Gone are the days when you went to school with very little expense, and then stepped right into a job. Taking a course doesn’t guarantee a job either. It’s harder and harder for youngsters to make a start on their working life.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..How clean are you really?

  2. So sorry you’re not feeling well. Hearing about a death to someone close to you is enough to upset anyone. As to the students, I don’t think I’d want to swap places, even if it meant I’d live longer. We all have our own problems to overcome. I hope their debts make them tough and give them the determination to succeed.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..How clean are you really?

  3. It’s always cost a bit for education, but it seems to keep increasing every year. Thank goodness for online availability to help reduce the costs. Sorry to hear of your health and loss of a loved one.
    Mary recently posted..Nov 16, 2014 Poison

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