November 10 – Product Review on Fatherly Reflections

Pardon me as I promote my own book, just in time for Veterans Day! I am using ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge for this month of November. Mondays are designated for product reviews and since tomorrow is Veterans Day, I thought I would review and promote my own book, just because…

Because it’s my blog, because tomorrow is Veterans Day, because my Dad was a Veteran (as was my Mom), and  because my book is a tribute to him, entitled Fatherly Reflections.


My book cover as it appears at Amazon.

OK, so it won’t be exactly unbiased, but I can tell you a little bit of the background, share an excerpt, AND a couple of the actual reviews provided by people who have purchased and read my book.

Both of my parents served in the military; Mom was in the Air Force and Dad was in the Army. Unfortunately, they are both gone now; Dad in 2002 and Mom in 2011. From my book introduction:

Two weeks before Father’s Day 2012, I awoke with the inspiration to write my first eBook, focusing on the topic of fatherhood.  

My initial thought was to include the various reflections, poems, and words of wisdom about and from my own Dad. Then I decided to expand it to include thoughts from other family members and friends for whom my Dad was a father, a grandfather, a father figure, and/or an inspiration in their lives in some way.

In another section, I decided to include thoughts from other people about their own fathers, grandfathers, father figures, and — yes — reflections on our Heavenly Father.

Finally, since I know not everyone has had the benefit of having a wonderful Dad like I did, I decided to include a section of thoughts for current and future fathers about things to do and NOT do in order to be good fathers.

The experience of writing this eBook has been an amazing journey, reflecting on my childhood and 50+ years of life — all influenced by the amazing man I was proud to call Dad: Ben Willis.

My oldest daughter Shara, whose image is on the cover with her Grampy during a dusk fishing trip, said this about him and that special occasion:

“Grampy and I sat there for a good two hours, with our lines cast, anticipating the first nibble of some unsuspecting fish.

We didn’t talk; we didn’t have to.

The thoughts in our minds were too great, yet too simple for words.

This was our special place, a place where we didn’t have to talk to communicate, where people weren’t bothering us, where we could just sit and bask in the simplicity of it all.”

Finally, since this post is a product review – here are  a couple of actual reviews, which you can verify here, along with more on the Amazon site:

“This is an incredibly personal collection of memories and feelings about the author’s father, and yet it somehow becomes more than that. In celebrating the life of a single wonderful father, this book also asks deeper questions about the nature of the parent child relationship and about what makes a man a good man. This book gives a person insight into the reality of family connections and the ties that bind.

As someone who never had a close connection to her father, I found myself feeling emotional when reading through this book. In some ways, this book answers a question I didn’t really know I had: what it would mean to have a father. For the first time, I feel like I actually understand this unique bond and connection in a way that I don’t think I could have otherwise.”  –J. Inouye


“This is not the kind of book I usually appreciate, but I surprised myself by reading it from start to finish. I found it surprisingly touching, and for someone who didn’t have a great relationship with my father, and who struggles to think of anyone I know who did, I found it very moving.

The narrative about the author’s respect for her father and the contributions from family members weave a moving story of tremendous love. The extra sections from other contributors serve to create a feel-good read that anyone who has ever been a parent will appreciate, and anyone who misses their own father will relate to.” –Tracey Sandilands

So if you are interested, my eBook is available at Amazon for only $2.99 and at Createspace as a hard copy you may order for only $5.99 plus shipping.


Patriotic banners I made to honor my parents.
Patriotic banners I made to honor my parents.

Are you a veteran, the spouse of a veteran, or know a veteran?


Let me take this opportunity to say

Happy Veterans Day to all  those who serve or have served

and in memory of all Veterans, like my parents,

who have left us too soon.

Thank you for your service!


In Memory of Mom & Dad
In Memory of Mom & Dad, the Veterans I knew and loved best!



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  1. What a beautiful and moving tribute to a man who obviously served so many…in your life and the lives of so many around him.

    I think fathers don’t realize how much they bring, or could bring, to the lives of their children. And, by doing so, make such a huge difference in the world.

    Laugh lots, Love more!
    MamaRed recently posted..Write a Book in a Week(end)

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