No April Fool’s Joke–NaBloPoMo-Keep It FRESH

Happy April 1st – but no April Fool’s jokes here! As I mentioned in my Easter post, I didn’t quite make it to all the NaBloPoMo writing prompts for March, although I did manage to write 20 posts for the month. Baby steps and small victories…I’ll take ’em!

However, I feel a bit more motivated now that I did accomplish a decent number of goals in the first quarter of the year (can you believe it?) AND now that it appears SPRING has finally arrived in Maine.

So for April, I’m going to follow the NaBloPoMo writing prompts on the theme: Keep It Fresh…so my first task is to get a fresh start for a full month of blogging, and to do so before bedtime!

Keep It Fresh in April!

The NaBloPoMo topic for today is: Which environmental cause is closest to your heart and why?

I think I would have to say one environmental cause that is especially close to my heart would be the National Wildlife Federation. I have probably always had an appreciation and respect for God’s creatures and the diversity He created for us to enjoy.

Now that I’ve been alive on this earth for 55 years, I also know the number of endangered species has increased dramatically, as we humans and our modern lifestyles continue to encroach on the natural habitats of wildlife.

One example I can think of relative to my area of the country is the decrease in the moose population here in New England. Another example is the decrease in the number and types of birds that visit the feeders we have in our yard, compared to even a few years ago.

Environmentalists in Maine actively work to support and preserve wildlife. For instance, we have a bird conservatory nearby in Lewiston:

 …and the town of Gray, a short drive away, is home to the Maine Wildlife Park. Visitors can see a wide range of birds and animals that are all native to Maine, from great-horned owls, bald eagles, and peacocks; to black bears, mountain lions, and moose.

Young moose.

I think the world would be a sad place without the beauty and majesty of the wildlife populating the planet. I appreciate the efforts of organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation that strive to preserve our wildlife for this and future generations.

So how about you? Do you need to get a fresh start in some area of your life, either personal or professional? Since the Earth Day is a recognized cause in April, is there some aspect of the environment that’s a favorite cause or concern for you?


5 thoughts on “No April Fool’s Joke–NaBloPoMo-Keep It FRESH”
  1. I’ve noticed we eat better when we grow more of our food in the summer. It’s been a cold spring, so it’s been more challenging to get started. However, I am commited to growing fresh food for us to eat and share with family and friends again this year.
    Bailey recently posted..Bunny Avenger Hulk

  2. I agree that our world would be a sad place without our wildlife and domestic animals. As far as areas to focus on in the spring, I need to prepare more fresh food for dinner and will do so now that spring is here.

  3. I have a general concern for the environment, but I am not so much attracted to organizations as to encouraging people to take small steps in their daily lives.

    I have visited Grays and enjoyed it very much!

  4. This is really a serious issue! I really love this topic. I have been living in this world for a quite some time and I have witnessed so many animals/species that are already endangered. Our forests are getting smaller each and everyday. The only living thing that is growing much and much bigger are human beings. As if the world is tight enough to live for all of us. We should help National Wildlife Federations in order to save those endangered species. Thanks for sharing this. I really love it.
    Edward@Earthquake Kit recently posted..Survive the Quake with your Earthquake Kit

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