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First of all, welcome back to my blog. I do apologize for the lapse of nearly two months in posting. As always, other things higher on the priority list “interfered” with this more enjoyable activity of blogging. I do plan to attempt the next blog challenge in July and see if I can actually complete one for a change.

Secondly – yes, one of the things on my priority list was writing my first book! Since it’s on the theme of fatherhood, my goal was to publish it this month in honor of Father’s Day.

I am truly excited about this new accomplishment, and now that I’ve written ONE book … I now have even more ideas for more books. Please do stay tuned!

My book, available in both ebook and print versions, is entitled Fatherly Reflections. Here is an excerpt and “sneak peak” from the introduction:

Two weeks before Father’s Day 2012, I awoke with the inspiration to write my first eBook, focusing on the topic of fatherhood.  

My initial thought was to include the various reflections, poems, and words of wisdom about and from my own Dad. Then I decided to expand it to include thoughts from other family members and friends for whom my Dad was a father, a grandfather, a father figure, and/or an inspiration in their lives in some way.

In another section, I decided to include thoughts from other people about their own fathers, grandfathers, father figures, and — yes — reflections on our Heavenly Father.

Finally, since I know not everyone has had the benefit of having a wonderful Dad like I did, I decided to include a section of thoughts for current and future fathers about things to do and NOT do in order to be good fathers.

The experience of writing this eBook has been an amazing journey, reflecting on my childhood and 50+ years of life — all influenced by the amazing man I was proud to call Dad: Ben Willis.

You can find the ebook version at Amazon and the print version at CreateSpace. It was so rewarding and exciting to receive the box of copies of my book that I ordered for those family members and friends who contributed to this effort. I look forward to hearing from those who purchase and read my book, and hope you will leave reviews for me.

Who else out there has ever thought about writing a book? or are you already a published author?

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