New Month – New Attempt at the UBC

Happy July 1st! It’s hard to fathom that we are at that halfway point of 2012 already.

Yet here we are, first day of a new month, which I always think of as a clean slate and new opportunity to be successful. My goal for this new month is not only to make a new attempt at blogging in the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), but to SUCCEED at blogging every day this month, and actually complete the UBC for the first time ever!

Blog challenges are great for a number of reasons, but these are the ones that most appeal to me:

*Creative writing: As a freelance writer for several years, with several hundred articles published online, it’s easy to get stuck in the mode of structured writing according to other people’s required topics and formats. As a lifelong learner, it’s equally likely be restrained by course requirements and APA format, which has even more stringent requirements. Blogging, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to enjoy creative writing about whatever I want to write about, in whatever way I choose to write.

*Discipline: Well, maybe I shouldn’t say discipline “appeals” to me, exactly, but it certainly has its place. I’m finding that I tend to need structure and that some how – within the flexibility of creative writing – I still like to prioritize and follow a plan. Otherwise, I sit here and stare at a blank screen – the virtual equivalence of staring at that blank piece of paper – and experience one of two problems: can’t think of anything to write OR have so many ideas competing for attention, that I can’t choose one!

*Networking: I used to be a very social person when I was working “out there” in the real world, prior to beginning my freelance journey in early 2008. I was feeling a bit lonely until I discovered the abundance of online communities of all types that promote virtual socialization and networking on both personal and professional levels. Blog challenges are especially good for this purpose, as those who sign up for them visit each other’s blog, comment, and hopefully follow during and beyond the time of the blog challenge. It’s also nice to find other blogs on interesting topics to add to your own bookmarks, return to read again, and even help promote other bloggers, and have or be guest bloggers.

*Rewarding: It’s rewarding to me each time I successfully manage to write, publish, and share a post. It will be even more rewarding to successfully finish this month’s blog challenge!

How about you? Are you participating in the UBC? Is it your first time or have you participated before?

Here’s to blogging success!



My Promotional “Blurb”

I finally wrote my first book!! It is entitled Fatherly Reflections, a Collection of Tributes to Dads.

It is available as an ebook at Amazon and in print form at CreateSpace. If you buy one, please consider providing feedback and/or a review. Thanks – I trust it will be a blessing to you!

5 thoughts on “New Month – New Attempt at the UBC”
  1. I enjoyed your post, K’Lee. And, as I read along, I was constantly saying to myself ‘me, too’. I could almost have written the post along with you (though not as well as you). I have to chuckle at this UBC month, as I’ve never managed more than one blog post per week so far – but, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  2. Hi K’Lee! Nice to meet you during this challenge. It is my first ‘official’ blog challenge, and I’m spreading it between 2, if not 3, blogs. I’m most looking forward to reaching more people, and finally writing posts for this ever-growing list of ‘blog ideas’ that is sitting on my desk. Should be fun!

  3. This is my first time actually participating in the UBC. I wanted to start with the last one, but computer problems bogged me down. Thankfully I am able to do it this time around and hope that I can gain the discipline I need! I’m always dissatisfied with my blogs and wind up forgetting about them or deleting them. I hope that this experience will get me over that.

  4. We have a lot of things in common K’Lee – I’ve written for years with the needs of others, from editors to professors, in mind and find blogging is a great way to write not only for myself but for a general audience too.

    Congratulations on your book! I put together an Ebook last year, but have mostly edited for others.

    This will be my third time trying to to the UBC but I’m committed more than every before to trying to complete it this time around! Look forward to getting to know you better!

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