National Hobby AND Hot Tea Month – How Convenient!

Happy National Hobby Month – oh, and Happy Hot Tea Month!

How convenient that they both occur in the same month! While I occasionally partake certain other beverages, hot tea is definitely my drink of choice, especially during cold New England winters. I frequently sip tea while planning my next project, or refill my tea cup between tasks while engaging in my favorite hobby.

It is also fortuitous to learn this is both National Hobby AND  Hot Tea Month, since I have mentioned for the past two days about my Quilt Block a Day project – and promised to post a link to my creative blog. Well, I finally got that blog back up and running today, complete with a page devoted to my project and accompanying photos.

So I present to you: Happy 2012 – Time to Focus on Handmade Items and the Quilt Block a Day Project.

I hope you will take a few moments to visit my other blog and check out my quilt blocks featured there!

I do have other hobbies I enjoy and need to get back to doing, since I find them to be soothing and rewarding:

*other sewing, including making bags, pillows, and other fabric items;




How about you? What hobbies do you enjoy? Are you a hot tea drinker, too?

Enjoy your hobbies with a nice cup of hot tea!

2 thoughts on “National Hobby AND Hot Tea Month – How Convenient!”
  1. YES! YES! and YES!! LOL I do like to drink tea (though I lean toward the fruity sweet blends) and I love anything to do with quilting. I also like all needlecrafts (although tatting has eluded my fascination!) I have noticed that I am drawn to crafts that make usuable things ie. Quilts, pillows, long-eared bunny doorstops. I would love to do woood-working or carpentry. Making furniture. Norm Abram is my HERO! Eleanor Burns is my LEADER I haven’t gotten into candle making or canning. Meanwhile back to quilting (it ALWAYS goes back to quilting) I like the quilt block a day idea. I wouldn’t be able to actually do it because I’m not set up for sewing in this camper…but I’m working on crunching the numbers on how many quilts a year that would yield. Well, Karen, I’ve babbled on enough. Can’t wait to see what else you’re up to! your friend, Yvonne

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