National Clean Off Your Desk Day – aka DeClutter!

Really, there seems to be a day for everything – and according to the Ultimate Blog Challenge suggestion for today, it is National Clean Off Your Desk Day!!  Ironically enough, this topic was the focus for at least a couple different writing groups, as well.


It makes sense. Even when you try your best to keep your desk or workspace clutter-free, it tends to be an area that “stuff” naturally gravitates to, and fills up quickly. The holidays just seemed to add to the pile, making the start of a new year the ideal time to *CONQUER CLUTTER* and get more organized.


I know if a lot of “stuff” congregates around me – whether I’m at my desk using my PC, or wherever I happen to settle with my laptop – I find it difficult to concentrate. On more than one occasion, I have grabbed an empty laundry basket and just cleared everything off my desk or from the immediate workspace  – all the loose items, I should say, like piles of papers, books, writing utensils, mugs, notebooks, or whatever else tried to take up residence there.


The sorting process usually yields a surprising amount of items that can go straight to the trash can, while other times you end up finding something you have been searching for and nearly given up hope of finding. Imagine the additional peace of mind we would give ourselves by simply decluttering and getting more organized.


Try this revealing exercise: take a picture of your desk or workspace. Unless you are already very well-organized, what is the first thing you see when you look at that picture? If you are, unfortunately, like me – you often see all the clutter!


So who’s with me? Who else out there needs to declare 2012 the year we *CONQUER CLUTTER* together?


Image by Jim Carson via Flickr

(No, this is NOT my workspace, but it closely resembles it!)

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4 thoughts on “National Clean Off Your Desk Day – aka DeClutter!”
  1. I’m laughing as I read this….cause I had to move stuff off the keyboard just so I could respond to this….okay…have taken my photo and am taking your suggestion of grabbing a basket and just clearing everyone off in one quick go then sorting from there….and the photo doesn’t even show the half of it…the shelves above that are packed full of junk…oh yes this is my job today

  2. Wow. You know, reading this made me think of all of the times when, as a child, my dearest mother would come into my room, look around and proclaim: “That’s it! We’re throwing stuff out!” lol

    I have a technique I’ve been employing for the last few years that I’d love to share with you and your readers.

    When it comes time to declutter, I move everything into a special box I’ve set aside for this purpose. It’s the “Truth Box.” If, after a week, I have not had to rifle through the box for something I desperately need, then I go through, pull out all the receipts that may have found their way into it, and trash the rest.

    Why do I call it the “Truth Box?” Because it reveals the truth of what it contains. We all have difficulty at one time or another determining if something is actually of value- When all is said and done, the “Truth Box” shows whether it really is or not. 🙂

    Thanks for the article!

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