My Top 5 Reading List

You may see some repeats here from previous posts, in this UBC post #14, discussing my personal Top 5 Reading List recommendations.

Here, in no particular order other than alphabetical by title, are books I have read once, or multiple times, and highly recommend. (I could easily say ANY book by Joyce Meyer, but I picked out two of my favorite devotional books!)


#1 –  Etsy Store SEO Guide by Kay Baxter — Want to improve your Etsy views and potential sales?            Check out Kay’s advice in this ebook to learn more about SEO techniques for your product descriptions and listings.




#2 – Jumpstart Your Day: 101 Daily Motivations for Freelancers by Mary Ylisela — Inspiration, motivation, and practical advice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and “work-at-homers.”



#3 – Starting Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer — Thoughtful daily devotions that fulfill the title and start your day right! One of my favorite devotional books, which also has numerous positive affirmations.




#4 – The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer — Designed for women, from the heart of Joyce Meyer, to help women rediscover their value, and gain or regain, confidence in their lives.




#5 – Turn Your Life Around by Dr. Tim Clinton — A powerful message that helps anyone  suffering from a painful past; you learn how to acknowledge and deal with issues that have been painful, and then break free to move on with your life in a more positive way.




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  1. I love that some of your books are about starting your days well. I love my morning rituals and have even blogged about them. Thank you for sharing these books. I’m going to check a couple of them out.

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