My Top 5 Favorite Articles from My Portfolio – Top List Tuesday

My Top 5 Articles

In this new month of May, I’ve decided to start a new blog routine to give me more focus on what to blog about and to mix it up a bit. Yesterday was Motivation Monday; today is Top List Tuesday. 🙂

So my list for this first Tuesday in May is my Top 5 Favorite Articles out of my own portfolio. Three of them are among the most recent articles I’ve written and they’re on the Power Affiliate Club (PAC) blog. Another is one I wrote about the Maine coastline; that one was for a travel guide client, and includes my own photos from sites around Maine that my hubby and I have visited. The fifth one is about rescuing animals from high kill facilities.

I will give you the title of each with the link, and a brief excerpt of each. Please feel free to click through and read the full articles of any that interest you (and none of these are affiliate links). Here they are in alphabetical order based on the first word of the title.  Enjoy! 🙂

My Top 5 Favorite Articles

#1 –>  3 Financial Considerations for Entrepreneurs Preparing to Launch Startups


“So you have what you believe is an innovative idea for a new startup business.

You spend some time conducting market research, and analyzing operations and success rates of similar businesses that might be close competitors. You even write up a business plan to get all the components of your prospective business organized. Let’s see, what’s left? Oh yeah, finances!!

Consider these questions:

  • Do you have the means to fund your own business startup?
  • Have you applied for or received funding from a small business organization?
  • Have you researched for potential funding from organizations such as angel investors or venture capitalists?
  • What about securing finances to not only start, but to maintain your business, especially in the early stages?

Here are three financial aspects to consider before you launch your startup!”

Click HERE to read the rest of the article! 🙂


#2 –>  7 Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Their Inspirational Leadership Tips


“As an entrepreneur, you must recognize that your team members and clients depend on you for motivation and inspiration.

Leading by example is essential toward accomplishing that task. Effective communication is also vital, whether in oral or written format.

These seven successful women entrepreneurs specialize in blogging, coaching, and/or mentoring. You can glean wisdom from their accumulated experience by following these seven tips to become a more effective communicator and inspiring leader.”

Click HERE to read the rest of the article! 🙂


                                Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine

#3 –>  Coast of Maine


The State of Maine boasts an impressive coastline, the largest on the eastern seaboard. Maine’s coast stretches from its southeastern border with Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to its furthest northeastern border with New Brunswick, Canada – for 3,478 miles bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Maine’s coast is about 50 miles longer than California’s coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The coast of Maine is famous for its rugged, breathtaking beauty, white sand beaches, numerous islands, and quaint seaside communities.

Click HERE to read the rest of the article! 🙂



#4 –> Pet Rescue: Saving Lives from Death Row at High Kill Facilities


“If you have ever visited a humane society or an animal shelter, you are probably someone who feels that tug on your heartstrings as you walk past rows of cages filled with abandoned or surrendered former canine and feline companions, and other animals.

As you peer into the eager faces of fur babies who desperately want to go home with you, looking for their “furever” homes–or worse, observe some poor former beloved pets cowering or facing the corners of their cages, afraid and hopeless–do you ever ponder why or how they arrived at that facility?”

Click HERE to read the rest of the article! 🙂


#5 –>  Write Right So Your Readers Can Read Well


“Write right so your readers can read well!

As a freelance writer, editor, and educational professional, this is probably one of my biggest pet peeves: the lack of clarity in the way many people write. I’m talking about writing coherent sentences by making sure nouns, pronouns, and verbs coordinate with one another, and not mixing up plural and possessive forms of words.

Also, spelling…I mean, really, with spell checkers in so many applications and even online, there is practically no reason to misspell anything. It’s still possible to use the wrong word (especially mixing up homonyms/homophones or words that sound similar, such as lose and loose), but that’s another area to work on for clarity.”

Click HERE to read the rest of the article! 🙂

                 Write Right! [Source: morgueFile free photos]

So What About YOU?


If you’re a blogger, do you follow a particular blogging plan?


If you read my articles, do you have a favorite?


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  1. This is a great variety of articles that has something that would appeal to any reader, from a business person to an animal lover. It is organized and very helpful for readers to choose stories that they want to pursue in greater depth.

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