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Since this is one of my primary freelance sites, I thought I would add a page here to provide access to my portfolio.

You may check the following profile/portfolio sites for most of the important information about my background and expertise, for published article links that serve as writing samples, and relevant resume type of information.

Check out the following sites for the majority of my profile information (background, resume, etc.):

–> My LinkedIn Profile 

–> My Writer Access Profile/Portfolio

Check out these links for samples of published articles, training courses, and additional portfolio materials.

*Articles/Blog posts

–> 7 Women Entrepreneurs and Their Inspirational Leadership Tips

–> Write Right So Your Readers Can Read Well

–> 3 Financial Considerations for Entrepreneurs Launching Startups


Fatherly ReflectionsA Collection of Tributes to Dads

Fatherly Reflections available on Amazon

“Fatherly Reflections is inspirational, as well as a thought-provoking look at the importance of being a good father and leaving behind a legacy worth remembering. Fatherly Reflections is encouraging for Dads, those who may be fathers some day, as well as those who love/d their Dads!”

Heart Beaming: Positive Stress Relieving Exercises for Use in the Classroom [available HERE as a PDF]  (my daughter-in-law was the cover model – and my son did all the graphic design)

Heart Beaming available at CEI and as a PDF

“Written by Dr. Christine Mason, CEI Director, and Karen Lee Banks, M. ED., CEI Research Associate, the document is a free tool teachers can use to help students relieve stress, improve performance, and enhance classroom interactions through song, dance, movement, fun, laughter and positive thinking.”


My earliest experience in instructional design, just months after earning my Master’s degree in Instructional Technology in 2008, was with FYI Online Learning<– see video demo. I was part of the instructional design team and was responsible for the instructional design components for these five courses:

–> Creative Writing

–> English 1

–> English 3

–> Personal Fitness

–> Research

These are training courses I developed in collaboration with Access Technologies Group. Per my agreement with Lucy Baney, President/CEO of ATG, I can only provide links to these courses for potential recruiters, clients, or employers interested in hiring me — so if you are in that category, please contact me at for the links:

–> Addressing Concerns in the Workplace

–> Courteous Communication in the Workplace

–> Handling Workplace Conflict


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