My Other Business: K-Lee’s Kreations and Satisfied Customers

My Other Business:

K-Lee’s Kreations and Satisfied Customers


Spring really will be here eventually — she says, with back to back to back snowstorms happening in Maine — even a blizzard due Sunday night into Monday. But I wanted to share this post again to promote my other business and offer discounts for orders placed for spring special occasions! I also just happen to have two nice videos people have created for me about my K-Lee’s Kreations business. 🙂


Appreciation pillow created for Lesly, the “Robin Hood” Mentor (check out the post!)


So since I’ve already shared how I assemble and create a quilt, as well as how I imprint photos on those items, it seems fitting to share these two videos.


My son kindly compiled this video for me as a testimonial montage of items and comments from satisfied customers.



Then another satisfied customer created this on her own and surprised me with it.



I am so thankful for these gifts God has given me to craft special items that people appreciate so much!  🙂  I’d like to offer a discount to anyone who places an order this month, such as $10 off pillows, bags, and wall quilts – and $25 or more off larger quilts.

You can visit these sites to see my designs for custom orders:

My Bonanza Booth – features mostly bags, pillows, and larger quilts.

My Etsy Shop  – features mostly bags, pillows, wall quilts, baby quilt sets, and lap quilts.

My *NEW* Zibbet Shop – features only pillows and wall quilts.


        Star design quilt and pillows



So What About YOU?

Do you like these videos others made for me?

Do you have any videos you would like to share that are special or meaningful to you? Feel free to leave the URL with your comment!  🙂


           Sneak peek at collection of quilts I’ve made


I would greatly appreciate if you would consider sharing and promoting my post–thanks! 🙂


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