My ME Day

It was inevitable. After blogging about want to vs. have to tasks, today I concentrated mostly on want to tasks, because it has been just too hot and humid to do much else!


Photo Credit: Linda James at MotiveWeight Blogspot.


While the sentiment in this image is to work up a sweat while *exercising* … the 90+ temps and high humidity essentially made it unhealthy for me, with asthma, to attempt to exercise today (no AC here at home!) I had a hair appointment this morning, and then did a few errands that mostly involved being in air-conditioned buildings.

Always nice while you’re in the AC – but it does make it feel that much more like a furnace blast when you step outside again! So I definitely did things today that made me sweat!

When I got home, I worked on finishing a quilt for a dear repeat customer who has been SO patient waiting for it. I have had one issue after another interfere with doing as much quilting as I would like to do (from too much work, to equipment malfunctions, to health issues), but once I get on track with it, I seem to break through some kind of barrier and keep going (or sewing, as the case may be!)

But yes, that made me sweat, too! You know it’s too hot when the back of your hands are sweating, the dog is lying nearly on top of the fan on the floor, and even the cats are sprawled on the floor and in the bathtub!



The Desi pup, enjoying the fan – she even dragged her mat over there by herself!


How about you? Do you live somewhere that’s also experiencing this heat wave? Do you have something you can add to “You know it’s too hot when…” ?  How do you like to spend a “ME” day?


4 thoughts on “My ME Day”
  1. I was just thinking about tasking priorities today and the differences between the “want to” and the “have to”….. I just didn’t write about it…. 🙂

    I live in Houston and we are experiencing the coolest summer since I’ve lived here. July has been rainy, and sincerely not that hot…. by Houston standards. My other Texas friends have noticed too, so most of the talk on facebook is about the weather.

  2. Yes, it is so hot here! We’ve tried to stay cool by being in the air conditioning, but we live in an old victorian house with no air! This is our first summer in this house, and while we’ve figured out a few ways to keep it cool, it is not nearly enough. We’ve spent a few summer days at the library!

    Elizabeth T, Early Riser

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