My Ideal Job: Online Education Consultant

It’s funny, when I looked at this NaBloPoMo writing prompt for yesterday (almost caught up), I had a sense of “deja vu” —

If you didn’t have to be concerned about money or expertise,

what would be your ideal job?

Sure enough, I looked back through my posts and discovered one from November 2012 where I discussed what my “dream job” might be if I instantly had the qualifications and training to do so. So please pardon the repeated post with some minor updates, because my preferred dream job or ideal job hasn’t changed.

I didn’t have to think too long about my ideal job, because my current career and education path is what I want to do now and in the future. If I could skip the remaining two to three years of time and expense at Northcentral University (NCU), and instantly have my Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Educational Technology and E-Learning, I would be all set!

My dream job would be working as an online education consultant, particularly filling roles as an online instructor at the university level, and an instructional designer and/or curriculum developer. My experience so far in these areas has included working as an online writing instructor for the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for Smarthinking; and for various clients and companies in the areas of instructional design and curriculum development.

As a freelance writer, I enjoy  instructional design and curriculum development because they allow me to hone specialized writing skills, as well as share my passion for lifelong learning. More universities now require doctorate degrees for their instructors and professors, particularly because of new accreditation stipulations.

I would really enjoy having that opportunity to teach online to help adult learners and encourage them that age is not a hindrance to achieving academic goals. My Ed.D. degree would definitely give me more career possibilities, so yes – if I could instantly have the qualifications – that would be great!

How about you? Do you have a dream job or ideal job you would want to do if you could do it TODAY?


6 thoughts on “My Ideal Job: Online Education Consultant”
  1. Well, I have a job I love as an adjunct writing professor. In my dreams, I’d get medical benefits; in reality, getting a full time faculty position at the college level generally requires a doctoral degree and, after three graduate degrees, I cannot afford the tuition for a PhD.

    My other dream job is full time (well paid) author.
    Suzi Shumaker recently posted..Women Can’t Do That!

  2. I am doing my dream job – artist/designer. It is hard to get started though and needs lost of work and learning on the marketing side that I hadn’t even envisaged. If I could get someone to do that side of the job for me, then I would have the dream job – just the making and designing 🙂
    Janice recently posted..Craftfest at Midnight.

  3. I have my ideal job. I do wish I were higher up in the “food chain” at the college so that I’d have more authority and be more involved with overall institutional compliance, but I am happy where I am.

    In my “other life,” I’d like to be an author and speaker. Of course, one of my goals is to write the book I’ve been encouraged to write. I just have to take that first step.

    Good for you for taking the steps needed! And thank you for encouraging others by posting this.
    Heather recently posted..The Ellen Show

  4. My ideal job would be to rescue and rehabilitate injured or endangered animals. I know it’s probably very hard work, both physically and emotionally, so I’m not sure I could handle it. So I guess I’d have to say what my ideal self would be, which would be someone who could handle my ideal job! And good for you for pursuing your dream!
    Suerae Stein recently posted..Fab Foto Friday – It’s Not Easy Being Green

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