My Home-Based Biz: K-Lee’s Kreations

In addition to my freelance work from my home office here in the beautiful state of Maine, where the fall foliage is simply amazing right now, I have another home-based business: K-Lee’s Kreations.

DSCN2338*Home in Maine*

One of today’s writing prompts for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) is to discuss our first business venture. While it wasn’t a formal or structured business, when I was a young wife and mother, I began doing business as “Mommy Made Fashions” because that’s what my kids always said when someone complimented them on outfits they were wearing:  “Mommy made this.”


At that time, I lived in New Hampshire where I was born and raised, and resided until 2003, when I moved here to Maine. My four children, one boy and three girls, were my best models as well as fans of the clothing and accessories I made. Eventually I also made dolls, stuffed animals, various other crafts, AND THEN…

I discovered  **QUILTING**

DSCN2358A couple of my quilted wallhangings.

I made quilts for gifts, for us and other family members and friends; I made baby quilts for shower gifts; and I made an assortment of other types of quilted items, such as pillows, bags, tablerunners, and wallhangings.


The first real breakthrough for my business, however, occurred after I moved to Maine and began doing business as K-Lee’s Kreations through craft shows and online venues. I eventually met a fellow entrepreneur who had an imprinting business that allowed her to add photos to assorted items, including fabric. She and I collaborated on creating bags, pillows, wall quilts, and larger quilts with imprinted photos added.


An important event and turning point occurred in 2008 when I took a 60-hour FREE business planning course called New Ventures, offered by the Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community. During that course, the instructor and fellow classmates encouraged me to consider investing in the necessary equipment to do my OWN imprinting, so I wouldn’t have to rely on my friend to find the time to fill orders and mail the imprinted fabric squares to me (which was becoming a barrier to production at the time).


So with my hubby’s support and encouragement, my second breakthrough in my entrepreneurial endeavor  was doing my own imprinting and adding my own customized imprinted products to my K-Lee’s Kreations business.  Those items continue to be my best-sellers, because imprinted photos make each quilt, pillow, or bag personal and special to the recipient.

Collection of K-Lee's Kreations sample products.
Collection of K-Lee’s Kreations sample products.


I believe my next growth phase is upon me as customers have asked me if I have any ready-to-buy items, especially with the holidays fast approaching, so they can buy right away and not have to wait for me to fill custom orders. SO…market demand inspired me to begin working on a line of products, similar to the ones in the above photo and more, which will go by the name of K-Lee’s Kollectibles.


As I mentioned in another blog post yesterday, this will be a line of about two dozen items–a mixture of bags, pillows, wall quilts, lap quilts, and quilt/pillow sets–that will still have imprinted images, but they will be ready-to-buy, featuring photos from various family members and friends who have agreed to let me use their photos.  I’m really excited about this new phase and new venture (such an aptly named course!) for K-Lee’s Kreations!

The largest accomplishment so far with imprinted photos – a king-size quilt for a friend’s son, who just happened to be a Marine serving our country at the time (home on leave)!

Photo Credit: MCBunnell Photography


So what about you? Are any of you currently running a business or thinking about doing so? What type of business? I’m a firm believer in helping promote one another, so feel free to leave links in your comments.   I just may decide to feature some readers and their businesses in future posts! 😉


9 thoughts on “My Home-Based Biz: K-Lee’s Kreations”
  1. How amazing your creations look? Beautiful outcomes from a very creative idea!! Great Job Karen.
    To answer your questions: Yes, I’m running my own business coaching engaged couples to build a strong foundation for their marriage. Please feel free to visit my website. I do want my message to reach engaged couples everywhere to let them understand the importance of this message. They are so much in love, which is great, but they don’t comprehend the concept of learning skills and tools while they’re still in love and ready to do anything for each other to help them be married for life.
    Thank you for asking about what we do and proposing to promote each other’s businesses 🙂
    Amina recently posted..Me, Me, Me, ….. Syndrom

  2. K’Lee,
    I have no idea what kind of business I can do at the moment. I’m a writer and a bit of a social non-activist. I’m not sure yet how to turn those things into an income stream, although I’m definitely trying to figure it out.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and progression. Your Kreations and Kollectibles are Krazy good and amazing.

    Be well,
    Lillian Moffitt recently posted..Depression: Finding more threads to hang on by

  3. You’ve been a busy lady over the last years. Congratulations. I had a similar experience in the 70s, when I ran a craft shop, made patwork quilts and spun my own wool to make into garments etc. It was one of the happiest times of my life.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..Oct 5th

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