My Favorite Top 5 Business Sites

For my UBC post#2, I want to offer what I consider my favorite Top 5 business sites, as they relate to freelance topics, such as writing, blogging, working from home, and improving skills.  I’m not putting these in any particular order of importance – just alphabetical!

My Favorite Top 5 Business Sites

1- Alison FREE Online Courses – Want to gain some more knowledge about a topic of interest or earn a certificate in some area of business? Then what could be better than a FREE online course to accomplish your goals? You’re sure to find a course that could benefit you from among categories such as business and enterprise skills, digital literacy and IT skills, financial and economic literacy, health literacy, personal development and soft skills, and much more!

2- Jumpstart Your Day – Need motivation and inspiration? Then make sure you visit this blog written by Mary Ylisela, author of a series of motivational books for freelancers. She offers a forum, too! Mary provides wonderful encouragement, along with practical suggestions to improve your freelance or small business endeavors.

3- Michelle Shaeffer’s Blog – Definitely one of the top blogging gurus, at least in my opinion; also one of the hosts of the UBC! Michelle is dedicated to helping you improve your home or small business, right along with building your self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

4- OWL at Purdue – No, this is not about owls and poultry! But if you’re someone who wants to improve your writing skills, you will want to bookmark the Online Writing Lab (OWL) hosted by Purdue University. This site is a treasure chest of exercises, information, and resources. You won’t be disappointed!

5-Stone Alley 4 WordPress – If you need a professional to help you with your WP blogs – Becky is the one to contact! Yes, I’m biased because she’s a friend (though we’ve never had the chance to meet in “real” life) and she hosts all my WP blogs – but this means I can tell you from personal experience that she goes above and beyond to make sure you have the themes, designs, and hosting packages you want, and keeps things running smoothly!

I hope you all will check out those sites and then bookmark, follow, and regularly visit the ones that are most helpful to you!

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