My Dream Home Would Overlook the Ocean

If I could live anywhere, I actually wouldn’t have to go too far. I’m already living in Maine with my darling husband and our “fur babies” – but we would both like to live closer to the coast, with an ocean view.

Ironically enough, I grew up in New Hampshire, but my family and I traveled to Maine every summer to go camping at various locations along the coast.

So began my love for the ocean and its characteristics that delight all the senses:

its rocky shoreline and white, sandy beaches…

the pungent, distinctive smell and the salty spray from the bone-chilling cold ocean water…

the excitement of discovering living creatures in tide pools and picking up beautiful shells and elusive sand dollars along the beach…

and the thunderous, pounding waves, along with the retreat and advance of the tides.

I love the sight of Maine’s lighthouses, those guardians of the coastline, and the vastness of the horizon.

I think the most impressive thing about living near the ocean would be the daily reminder of the awesome power and creativity of God.

Another reason I would love to live near the ocean would be the pleasant memories of time spent camping with my parents, who are both now deceased, during my childhood years.

Even though I don’t live by the ocean now, and no longer have my parents around, I have several paintings adorning the walls of our home that my Dad created of ocean vista and lighthouses. Those, my memories, and trips to the ocean with my husband will have to suffice…for now.

Ocean vista during one trip to Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine.

Do you love the ocean? You may enjoy my slideshow of ocean photos HERE.

I also created a WebQuest about lighthouses in Maine HERE.


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6 thoughts on “My Dream Home Would Overlook the Ocean”
  1. Ditto! Once you see my post for Nov 2nd you’ll understand my response. Thanks for sharing the slideshow of the ocean photos. One day…. I’ll be able to visit places that look like that. 🙂 Be blessed!
    Trinka Polite recently posted..Ode To A Dream

  2. I love the ocean. We live on the other coast, a few blocks from the ocean, in Santa Monica. Maine is beautiful – in the summer, but I just can’t take that cold weather.

    While we can’t actually see the ocean from our house, we can see it from the end of our block. I’d kind of like a house overlooking the ocean, but that means it would be constant traffic – I used to live right next to the beach – so for now I’m happy to be a five minute walk away.
    AnnMaria recently posted..SAS Enterprise Guide as a Programming Aid – Finding Functions

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