My Dog Has Cancer

I am not one to use the word “hate” very often – but I truly HATE cancer!!

I lost my Dad to lymphoma almost 10 years ago now; I lost my Mom to lung cancer just last year, after she had successfully beaten breast cancer (or so we all thought).

I’ve lost other family members and friends to the horrible scourge that is cancer.

Today, the vet confirmed that our 12-year-old black lab, Kita, has a malignant mast cell tumor that may be affecting other organs in her body. I’ve had Kita since she was just a few months old, when we brought her back home (NH, at the time) all the way from West Virginia, where my sister had a pet store.

Now we have to schedule Kita for surgery to hopefully remove the tumor successfully, along with removing her uterus, since that may be affected. Yes, she’s an older dog and has outlived a couple of her previous canine companions – but we would still like to have her around for another couple years or more!

So yes, I *HATE* cancer!

Isn’t she beautiful? (and maybe just a little spoiled!)


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9 thoughts on “My Dog Has Cancer”
  1. I am so sorry for you. Sorry about your parents and now your dog. What a cute dog. I have a website where we are building an “oncology wing”. To teach people how to live with cancer. My husband had lymphoma in 2008. It is a horrible thing. He is one of the lucky guys….I hope your dog will be too. ~Cathy

  2. Oh, what an awful shame. I feel deeply for your sadness.

    But take this opportunity – this reminder of the shortness of life – to spend lots of time with her, and to take lots of photos and videos of you together so you will have some fantastic memories to keep forever.

    (Please give Kita a big hug from me!)

  3. Unfortunately many cancers in animals do come back like they do in humans and if the vet has told you they cannot medicate re cancer treatments you can ask for pain killers if necessary. If your dog has no quality of life left then the kindest thing is to have him put down.

    Central Coast Vet

  4. This is very sad. Sorry to here about your losses.When you find out that your dog has cancer, it’s one of the most surreal experiences possible. I hope your dog will be ok. Be strong..

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