Multiple Blogs-Seemed Like a Good Idea!

Since a couple readers commented and asked WHY I would be trying to maintain several (EIGHT) blogs, I thought I would post about it (and I apologize in advance for cross-posting most of the same post between this and my OH4H blog). This was my initial response to those readers:

Eight blogs … well, that’s because I thought it was a great idea at the time (a couple years ago) – I got carried away with buying domain names, and really had NO idea how time-consuming it would be to keep up ONE blog consistently, never mind EIGHT!

Now to elaborate a bit. As a freelance writer, most of my paying clients dictate what to write and how to write it; while some of them allow a little flexibility, they still determine overall what they want for content. I started blogging because it’s a creative outlet, allowing me to write whatever I want in whatever format I want it.

Somewhere along the line over the past few years, I picked up the idea of having multiple blogs and developing them on niche topics. Again, this was with no clear idea just how much of a commitment even ONE blog is, if I really want to blog consistently, provide quality content that people will actually want to read and benefit from reading, and have a blog that will cause people to want to follow and interact with me (the latter being something I have sadly neglected) — well, I do want all those things to happen.

So now, in 2013, I want to do things differently. This is the year to initiate solutions, which I discussed in Part 9 of my series on Facing Fears-Focusing Forward:

The word “initiate” means to cause a process or action to start. Solutions, of course, are means to solving problems or dealing with difficult situations. The key here is that initiating solutions requires action on our part – if we aren’t willing to do our part, it’s difficult to reach a reasonable, timely solution.

I think the beginning step of initiating a solution to the blogging issue is to first recognize why I want to blog, and why I set up each blog in the first place.  As I mentioned, the opportunity to write creatively on whatever topic I choose, is one of the primary reasons for blogging. The other, specifically for this blog, is to have a place to send prospective clients who want to see samples of my writing or who question my knowledge of using WordPress and blogging. Plus, I have all my education  and experience qualifications listed on my “About” and “Portfolio” pages, AND I have used my own name.

After 5+ years, I’ve built up some name recognition (certainly not to the level of some, like Michelle Shaeffer or Darren Rowse), but interestingly enough – in the process of googling my name to find articles I’ve written that are published on various sites – I’ve inadvertently discovered at least two college students used articles I’ve written as part of their resources!

Anyway, for those who have asked, or might be interested, these are my other blogs – I’d love to “see” you there – just please note that these are all in various stages of development with sporadic posts. But we know that’s going to change, right?

WordPress Blogs:

Office Help 4 Hire

Write from Home

Words of Encouragement

Autism & Other Child Developmental Disorders

Blogspot/Blogger Blogs:

eLearning for Life

Random Thoughts & Musings

K’Lee’s Kreations Blog


So what about you? Do you maintain more than one blog? Why do you blog and what’s the purpose of your blog/s? How can you initiate solutions to any blogging problems you currently have? Thanks for reading and sharing!

Just a couple companions.
Two of my “helpers” and furry companions…Lulu the tuxedo kitty and Desi the new brindle pup!
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2 thoughts on “Multiple Blogs-Seemed Like a Good Idea!”
  1. I have one blog. I originally started it in order to “tell my story” because I found there is much I want to say and status updates on Facebook just don’t cut it. Over the past months I have found that it is about who I am today, with reflections on life today, as well as information from my experience as a cancer patient. Some have suggested I write a book, and maybe that will be the result.
    Heather recently posted..Training for a Marathon

  2. I blog for several reasons. At first I just started my one and only blog to “see where it would take me.” I also volunteer for a youth ministry/conference and wanted to give them some exposure and also encourage the idea of Christian youth camping in general. Interacting with people, offering encouragement, educating people on various issues have all been part of my purpose. Sometimes I wonder if I would get more readers if I focused more, but for now I am going to keep on going as I am.

    Looking forward to reading more of what you have to say!

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