Moving Forward in My Doctoral Journey

Moving forward in my doctoral journey!!! I got word toward the end of last week that my university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) has finally granted full approval for me to begin my study. Once I gather data and complete my final two chapters in my dissertation manuscript, and get that approved, the remaining task will be the oral presentation/defense. The finish line is within sight, finally, after a 7-year journey as of this month!


University Graduation Ceremony!  [Source: morgueFile free photos]
 University Graduation Ceremony! [Source: morgueFile free photos]

When I’ve told people I’m pursuing my Doctor of Education degree, many have assumed I would be teaching. Actually, no. I would not be interested in teaching in person–maybe online, as an instructional facilitator–but not face to face.


I now prefer to be involved as a silent contributor to education, primarily in instructional design and curriculum development.


Online learning makes education more accessible and convenient. [Source: morgueFile free photos]

I think one of the things I like best, as someone who now tends to be rather introverted, is that I can make this contribution to education from behind the scenes. I don’t have to stand in a classroom and teach, or conduct a lecture, and have to worry about my voice giving out on me (a frequent problem I have due to health issues and the medications I take to treat those conditions).

Instead, I can make a valuable contribution by doing any combination of the following:

*Write courses

*Develop curriculum

*Align instructional design principles throughout course/curriculum development

*Serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in English Language Arts

*Write test and assessment items

*Write reading passages for exams

*Perform other related tasks as an educational consultant


It has been incredibly rewarding over the past several years to have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest educational publishers, including Pearson, as well as smaller companies and start-ups in the educational field. It’s also fun to see courses and training modules I’ve helped develop listed on various e-learning sites.


Another thing I love about course writing, curriculum development, and instructional design is the focus on promoting online or e-learning as one of the most accessible, convenient, and flexible methods of learning for the 21st century. It’s exciting, also,  because this is my specialty dual concentration in my doctoral studies (educational technology and e-learning) and my career opportunities (and pay rates) have continued to expand as I gain higher education status and more demonstrated experience.


So what about YOU?

What is your career field?

Do you love what you do or are you looking to make a change in your career path?

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  1. That’s wonderful! I hope that it all goes smoothly from here. When I finished my PhD, my colleagues bought me flowers and a huge bottle of champagne. It didn’t change my life, but it was a goal that meant a lot. Make sure you buy yourself flowers and celebrate!

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