Motivational Monday: Reflecting on Change and Growth

Reflecting on My Phrase for 2018:





Since we’re at the beginning of the last four months of 2018, I thought I’d look back on my phrase for 2018, and the goals I wanted to achieve this year.



Did you choose a word or phrase for 2018?


I selected my phrase: “Change and Growth.”  I had previously written out my goals, and as it turns out, they all do address the ideas of changing and growing. Imagine that?

In order to accomplish goals, we usually do need to change our mindsets and our existing behaviors, and subsequently grow into new ones.  I have divided my list of goals into 5 primary categories, as you will see below.



     Freelance Work

[This is what I wrote at the beginning of the year: I have a few clients right now with various contract lengths and terms. The freelance life is a fluid entity, where long-term or permanent work is a rarity (at least in my experience going on 11 years so far!), but I always appreciate the work when I have it to do!] As of March 21st, almost 6 months ago, I got hired for a full-time remote position, so this was a big win and goal achieved!


     Entrepreneurial Endeavors

I still need to put more effort into my K-Lee’s Kreations business – this includes building up an inventory of “ready to sell” items, as well as promoting my custom orders, and getting all my various sites up and running. My initial plan was to have my main site feature the entire business, then use smaller sites to feature specialized areas or products.

I’ve been debating the wisdom of that initial plan and thinking “simplify” for greater peace of mind! Now, instead of having numerous sites and monthly fees elsewhere, I’m moving everything but my Etsy shop here to WordPress … so stay tuned! 😉

For both freelance and entrepreneurial goals, I need to put more effort into promoting and marketing myself. I need to better maximize the potential of Pinterest and Instagram for my businesses.


     Professional Development

I still would like to take courses or otherwise learn more about grant writing, white papers, press releases, ebooks, and those types of specialized areas of writing that I see job leads for frequently.


     Educational Goals

As I’ve mentioned previously, I finally achieved my ultimate goal of earning my doctoral degree in 2017.

I want to use this degree to eventually obtain better and higher paying jobs in instructional design, curriculum/course development, assessment writing, and online tutoring/course facilitation.

Ever the lifelong learner, I still plan on pursuing additional education in other areas of interest, including life coaching.


     Personal Goals

*Achieve better health – lose weight (about 40 lbs. to go!), eat better, get more sleep, exercise regularly.

*Blog consistently and begin earning residual income from blogging – still learning about the monetization aspect of blogging!

*Write my next book, finally – my “fire story” from 1985.

*Allow for more “me” time to do whatever – or nothing – without feeling guilty!

*Stash money away in hubby’s and my joint savings account, and in my IRA, on a consistent basis.

*Do something “crafty-creative” every day – whether it’s working on an actual project, or skimming through magazines and books for ideas, or designing/planning the next project.

*Pay off debts and eventually sell this home and buy a new one in New Hampshire (back to NH for me), so I can be near my two youngest daughters and sons-in-law…AND three of my four granddaughters!


So what about YOU?


Do you routinely reflect on, review, and revise your goals?


Did you choose a focused word or phrase for 2018, to lead you toward achieving your goals?




35 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Reflecting on Change and Growth”
  1. earlier this year i kept telling myself everytime something went wrong that it was just “adding color to my autobiography” these days im telling myself struggle today, strength tomorrow. and its helping a lot with my motivation to put efforts into things.

  2. I love to set goal every month, but the problem is we need to be consistent and focus to the goal we’ve been set up to, that the reason I always set the things back too. Sometime, have one goal at a time is better than multiple goals at the same time.

  3. I am the world’s worst when it comes to setting goals mainly because I look at them like New Year’s resolutions and I feel like setting them just sets me up to fail. I think about all the things I want to accomplish but I never write them down. Your post has encouraged me to change that!

  4. Sometimes I set goals, but I rarely check back to see how I’m doing (or how I did). Good for you for setting goals and then checking in. I think that’s the only way it’s effective.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to revisit those goals I set earlier this year. I know I have gotten off-track on a couple of them and there’s still time to turn things aroungd.

  6. I can’t believe we are almost near the end of the year. Each week I set small attainable goals and I think this year I’ve been doing better at pursuing them.

  7. I love my freelance customer the most. I love that I get a chance to write about things I can stay anonymous about and express my true self. I hope to complete my novel this year– that’s my main goal. and my word/ phrase for the year is complete what I start.

  8. I sometimes pick a word or phrase but find within 5 minutes I’ve found a different word or phrase. I can never settle on one but I do a lot of reflecting and maybe that (and being indecisive) is why I can’t settle on one phrase lol

  9. I love these moments to reflect on goals. There’s still so much time to make our 2018 goals happen! I need to streamline work more so I can free up more time.

  10. Those are really great goals! The goals I created for myself were to finish my book and build up my blog. So far, the blog has been taking up most of my time, but I still have intentions on finishing my book.

  11. I am totally agree with this phrase “Your goals should be focused on personal growth, not materialism. Just because your bank account is growing, it doesn’t mean you are”. BTW I also reflect on my goal and process. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Setting up goals and reflecting upon them is really important. I try and make goals and stick to guidelines and I also try to create rewards for these goals , just so that I actually do them.

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