Motivation Monday on This Labor Day – On Schedules and Accomplishments

Motivation Monday on Labor Day:

Schedules and Accomplishments!



It’s another Monday, AND Labor Day 2018 …and I’m once again pondering revising my schedule to motivate me to be more productive and get more accomplished, without feeling frustrated and overwhelmed! 🙂 

I actually did laugh out loud — LOL! 😉  — when I read this quote:

Oh my word, it’s so true! I start the day with big plans to accomplish a lot, and suddenly I find my train of thought going about five different directions (at least!)  Thoughts like, “Where did I put that fabric?” or “Did I scoop the litter boxes yet?” or “When did I last take the dogs out?” or “What was that noise?” or “What was I looking for in this room?” — are common distractions.

I’ve decided I must have late onset attention deficit disorder, paired with brain fog brought on by age and some health challenges. Maybe. I don’t really know, but it SEEMS that way!

At any rate, because it’s a challenge sometimes to think clearly and concentrate, and to remember fleeting thoughts, I am getting in the habit of carrying a notepad around with a pen clipped to it to capture those random thoughts or creative ideas that suddenly rush in. I even have different color notepads and notecards for different tracking (blue for blogging – green for work -pink for creative stuff like sewing, crafting –  orange for those random thoughts and “action list” stuff – and white for household stuff, budget, and related stuff).


SO… it has certainly taken time to figure this all out, after trial and error, but I’ve determined that in order to gain more focus and increase productivity, I need to try a new schedule for weekdays. This is especially important now, because I have a full-time remote job and need to put in those 8 hours/day (sometimes more, or less, depending on the current project requirements), PLUS find time for: blogging, exercising, sewing, among other things.


Hubby leaves for work at 7:00. I want to use that first hour, from 7:00 to 8:00, to take care of the pets, make my pitcher of smoothie drinks for the day, have my prayer and meditation time, and do my exercise routine.



Then, from 8:00 to 9:00, I want to work on blogging and commenting, per the guidelines in various blogging groups on Facebook.

At 9:00, I have a daily online meeting for work, and after that until noon, I have my remote job to do.



From noon to “noon-thirty,” I want to break for lunch at the same time hubby has his lunch break at work, take the dogs out, do another 5 minutes on my stepper, and check emails or Facebook.




From 12:30 to 5:00, I need to concentrate on my work. This means shutting off notifications, social media, and all those distractions … use the –> Pomodoro technique <– to focus fully for 50-55 minutes on the task at hand, and then take a quick 5- to 10-minute break to stretch, get a drink, or whatever. The traditional Pomodoro technique is to do four sets of work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes, each time and then take a longer 20-minute break. If this idea interests you, do check out the link (non-affiliate – just informational) to learn more details: Pomodoro technique.


Hubby gets home between 4:00 to 4:15, and usually takes care of the dogs and tends to the garden until 5:00 or so. Between 5:00-6:30 or 7:00, it’s time to have supper and spend time with him catching up on the day.


From 6:30/7:00 to 10:00/10:30, either more work, blogging (including preparing my blog posts for the next day, and commenting on other blogs), or sewing, depending on what is pending in those areas. Then REALLY planning on getting to bed between 10:30 to 11:00, to get at least 7 hours of sleep.



Of course, this schedule is subject to change and has to be somewhat flexible, as work details change and potentially demand more time – or I get more orders for K-Lee’s Kreations, or have gifts to make – or life happens and you know, you have to bend so you don’t break! But this will at least be a plan to put into action and then re-evaluate in a month or so, and see how it goes!


So What About YOU?


Is your current schedule working for you to accomplish all you need to do during the day?


If not, do you need to evaluate where you’re spending your time and energy?



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  1. Candy - September 3, 2018 Reply

    Having a routine is key to keeping myself on track. Doesn’t mean I can’t change things up now and then. Enjoyed reading the quotes

  2. Tasheena - September 3, 2018 Reply

    This is a really informative post. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m still trying to find tune my schedule.
    Tasheena recently posted..My Mommy Style Monday: Lunch Date

  3. Amanda - September 3, 2018 Reply

    These are great motivational quotes! The smallest thing do take up the most room in my head so I totally relate to that one!

  4. Destany - September 3, 2018 Reply

    My schedule has pretty much been “fly by the seat of my pants.” I know I need to buckle down and actually set a schedule and follow it, but I’m always forgetting stuff haha!!

  5. Melissa Chapman - September 3, 2018 Reply

    Your day is quite full and you are busy most of the day with different jobs and blogging. I love those sayings and i do need to plan more.

  6. Amber Myers - September 3, 2018 Reply

    Plans are important! I do try to have one, but sometimes they don’t always go as planned. I do try to get in bed by 11 since I wake up at 615.
    Amber Myers recently posted..What’s In The August Kawaii YumeTwins Subscription Box?

  7. Terri Steffes - September 3, 2018 Reply

    No, I do not get as much done as you. I know that for me, social media for my blog takes three + hours. Writing, cooking, photographing is another 9+ hours a week. I have a 40 hour a week job, and I teach 3 college classes. It’s a crazy life. I would love to give that method a try!

  8. kumamonjeng - September 3, 2018 Reply

    These are great motivational quotes and one of my favorite is “things take time. The seeds planted do not sprout the next day, but that doesnt mean they never will. Be patient. Things will unfold for youe”. All we need to do as a blogger is keeping writing or creating content and one day we see the fruits.

  9. Ashley Nicole Rice - September 3, 2018 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been wondering what a good schedule would look like for my days off. Love this! It is so well thought out!

  10. Karen Morse - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I love being productive especially since I don’t want to overwork myself. It’s good to follow a schedule or a routine, I create one before the week starts so I can stay on track!

  11. Sarah Stockley - September 4, 2018 Reply

    My husband always tells me to manage my time better, I have two jobs and work on a number of projects at once so delegating is so important.

  12. Karla - September 4, 2018 Reply

    This article is very informative and really helps in a very busy schedules. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Lisa Favre - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I absolutely love SMART goals because they are so realistic and really are attainable. Looks like you have a very good plan to meet yours!
    Lisa Favre recently posted..Must-Have Items for Back to School

  14. Vyjay Rao - September 4, 2018 Reply

    It is necessary to do some sort of time management to make the best use of time. Prioritizing tasks as important and urgent helps a lot.

  15. Geraline Batarra - September 4, 2018 Reply

    This is such a nice post and I do believe that having a routine is really important because it will help you not to waste your time and energy in doing your work.

  16. Flavia - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I love your examples and how you break things down and make them so practical. Motivation is always welcome. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Kristy Bullard - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I try to catch up on housework early in the morning after my coffee kicks in. Then it’s time for cooking, homeschool, and blogging responsibilities. I pretty much work 15 hours a day!

  18. Kirsten - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I love quotes! I am always looking on Google, Pinterest, or a FB page for quotes that I’ve not seen yet. All of the quotes you have posted, I really like! It seems like as soon as I get a schedule going, something happens and the schedule is no more.

  19. Elizabeth O - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I like the concept of SMART it is “”smart” indeed! This was a really interesting and helpful post!

  20. Monidipa Dutta - September 4, 2018 Reply

    These are great motivational quotes. I do believe that having a routine is really important. My favorite quote among the list is “things take time.”

  21. Frank - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I do best when I’m busiest, but sometimes it causes me to get burned out. I have a hard time finding the balance between busy and giving myself time to recharge, but I’m slowly and surely getting there.

  22. Christa - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I always carry paper and pen with me. It’s the only way I can get anything done. Lol. Now that it’s back to school, I’ve got to revisit our schedule. Ugh.

  23. Noel Lizotte - September 4, 2018 Reply

    Great goals! I’ve used SMART goals with my staff at the office for years. It really makes you think about making a plan.
    I also admire that you recognize that plans must be flexible!

  24. Anosa Malanga - September 4, 2018 Reply

    I am loving your compilations of quotes. Definitely a great way to start the day. I like how positivity you are bringing.

  25. Sara Welch - September 5, 2018 Reply

    Hitting goals is one of the greatest feelings. I am hard working and lucky enough to feel it all the time too!

  26. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo - September 5, 2018 Reply

    This is a great way to get things done day in and day out. 🙂
    Czjai Reyes-Ocampo recently posted..My First ‘Official’ Althea Haul!

  27. Ellie Plummer - September 5, 2018 Reply

    Those are some really good motivational quotes. Smashing your goals is always such a rewarding feeling and gives you motivation.

  28. Cia Black - September 5, 2018 Reply

    I have an adjusting routine. One for when the kids are in school and one for when the children ae home. But they do need so tweaking.

  29. Lindsey - September 6, 2018 Reply

    I never feel like there are enough hours in the day! I’m with you though, having a schedule totally helps!

  30. Olivia - September 7, 2018 Reply

    Such great quotes! Especially the ones about putting your energy into something worthwhile. Thanks for the motivation!

  31. Karen Ching - September 19, 2018 Reply

    Loving all the quotations! I can totally relate to the quote that says, “Sometimes the smallest thing take up the most room in my head.” I mean it literally and figuratively! Anyways, thanks for sharing these quotes. Love lots, xoxo
    Karen Ching recently posted..Rayla Melchor Santos with Patricia Evans

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