Motivation Monday is Back – Did You START Something?

Don’t Go Starting Something!!

Or Maybe You SHOULD?



Welcome (or welcome back) to my K. Lee Banks, EdD, Inspired Freelance Consultant blog, where I endeavor to share daily motivational and/or inspirational thoughts that will hopefully uplift your spirit and speak to your life in some way.  (I also endeavor to blog DAILY on my Words of Encouragement blog, if you’re interested in checking that one out!)


But, as I’m sure is obvious to those who visit frequently and/or who subscribe to this blog, I have been absent nearly the whole month of January. Other obligations and circumstances kept taking over, regardless of my attempts to control and redirect them. The result, I confess, was a less than pleasant attitude, and very little activity here on my blog!


Honestly, I finally had to just let go of certain situations, change my attitude, and take care of other things before I could once again turn my attention back to blogging!



SO … back to Motivation Monday, per my blogging schedule!


I am thankful for this last week of January, heading into the new month of February on Thursday.  It’s a good time to assess what has worked, what has NOT worked, what changes I need to make, and how I can continue to grow in various areas of my life.


I think this is especially important since my motto or phrase for 2018 is “change and growth.”



Have you heard the expression,Don’t go starting something“? I usually hear it directed at people getting into a heated discussion or planning some kind of retribution.


Of course, I hear it at home sometimes, too, when it’s close to bedtime and my darling hubby is trying to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour!


“Don’t go starting something”  – but then again, maybe you should! It’s one thing to have a dream or a goal – it’s quite another to take proactive steps to achieve your goal.


I find it fascinating how often an inspirational thought I’ve read goes along well with a concept I blog about. For instance:


“Are you just spinning your wheels and not really getting anywhere in your life? Maybe it’s time to stop trying to drive a parked car!

If you are doing nothing with your life because you are not sure what to do, then I recommend… begin trying some things.

You cannot drive a parked car. Get your life out of ‘park’ and get moving in some direction. As we take steps of faith, our destinies unfold.”

Joyce Meyer

I know when I “came home” to work in February 2008, I had to start something to replace my lost income from my previous work as a traveling speech therapist.  Oddly enough, while I had enjoyed writing for over 20 years in various informal capacities, I had never seriously considered pursuing it as a career. When the opportunity presented itself out of necessity, I started my freelance consultant business, concentrating on writing, editing, and instructional design. It’s amazing to think I’m now entering my 11th year in this career, and have since added curriculum development, course writing, assessment writing, and ELA specialist services!




I also started my own home-based business, K’Lee’s Kreations, MANY years back, but became more serious about it when I moved here to Maine 15 years ago. I took a business course sponsored by Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community called New Ventures and it was at that time I received encouragement to invest in my own imprinting equipment to add to my business, as I had previously been outsourcing the imprinting to another female entrepreneur in Maine. It was a good thing to start, and continues to be the most popular type of product I make.


      Tote bag with imprinted photos



So what do I want to start NOW?


     I want to start handling my current freelance business more professionally and efficiently.


     I want to start on the path toward being a well-known blogger with a following, so I can make a difference in people’s lives. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll eventually start earning money from blogging, like many dedicated and hard-working bloggers already do!


     I want to start creating an inventory of my “kreations” and start promoting my K-Lee’s Kreations business more consistently.


     I want to start (actually CONTINUE) my quest to learn more…about blogging, my freelance business, my craft business, and other interests.




So What About YOU?


Is there something YOU should be starting?


Do you have an idea for a business that you have put off? What’s keeping you from moving forward with your idea?







53 thoughts on “Motivation Monday is Back – Did You START Something?”
  1. I want to start my teaching career. I want to be more serious on all my goals as well.
    BTW I checked out your online store, very nice stuff on there.

  2. I have been wanting to start my own personal styling business for a long time but fear has stopped me from that. I am fearful of failure but I am not going to let that stop me anymore. I love your Monday motivation posts! They always brighten my Monday. Thanks for giving us all courage and that extra boost we need on a Monday. xx

  3. I am starting with believing in myself that I have what it takes to make a living from home. I am also aware that if I keep doing the same old things in the same old ways, I will get the same od results. So it;s time to make changes.

  4. This post is inspirational, you do so much! There’s so much I’ve been wanting to start but I’m extremely over analytical and I’ll talk myself out something way too easily. I just need to stop thinking and start doing.

  5. I am so inspired by you and how successful you are. You took the opportunity to follow your dreams and set up your own freelance consultancy business which you have been running for 11 years.It just goes to show that if you have the passion and motivation to succeed you can do it. I hope that you are able to grow your blog to the extent that you want and tick off your other goals too. I actually did go ‘starting something’ this year! I co-founded an events company and created and set up an entire blog event in the space of three weeks!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted..Ten Top Tips On How To Start A Business In 2018

  6. Ha ha! I always start stuff…its often the not finishing that gets me in trouble. I’ve been really good since moved though. I’ve learned to not put too much on my plate so that I truly finish what I start. It feels great to finish a project!

  7. Thus is my year where I too want to start something. The more I learn about the culture/business of blogging the more I realize I don’t know squat. Just taking each day at a time and trying to stay grounded.

  8. I needed this kick in the butt today! With the cold and all the snow we got, it’s been killing my motivation. I need to suck it up and get stuff done!!

  9. I like the metaphor of getting our lives out of park or spinning our wheels. I definitely have caught myself in those places and it can be hard to get myself out, but once I do, I feel a new resolution to kill it!

  10. Good on you for starting so many things. I’ve always taken the quote “You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take” (not verbatim) so I’m always ready to begin. What’s mine to do is to begin, again and again is upon each new day – full of possibilities, to live life with courageous embrace. xo Blessings and gratitude, Evelyn, Path of Presence
    Evelyn, recently posted..The 5 Love Languages and What You Need to Know

  11. This is a really good post. I need more motivation sometimes. There are some days where I just don’t have motivation to do anything.

  12. Yeah, its been weeks now that my mind is itchy to start something – I have been trying to read and get some tips and advise – though I think what I need to set first is what I wanted to start.

  13. I absolutely love all of your fabulous and very true quotes… I love the fresh start of a new day and a new month 🙂

  14. What a great way to look at Mondays. I’m still eager to work on my new year goals. I need to hustle to make them happen, but I know I can accomplish what I have started.

  15. I love all of your different themed days! I’m glad that you’re standing back up from your stumbling block and stepping back into a groove. Sometimes all we can control in a situation is how we react, and by the looks of it, you’re doing just fine!

    As far as what I need to be starting… I’ve already started it! For too long, I was dragging my feet on getting my products finished and out there – but now I’ve finally done it. I guess as far as what’s to start next… marketing and meditating on a positive result!
    Sharon Koenig recently posted..Do You Have a Business or a Hobby? Knowing Could Make or Break Your Success

  16. It can be hard to talk ourselves into starting something. Especially when it’s something that involves us to step out of our comfort zones. I went for it and I’m glad I did!

  17. Quotes are always a nice way to boast people’s motivation. It would be so AWESOME if one day someone thought something I said was worth quoting in a significant way.

  18. This is really a perfect timing for me to read your post. As much as I want to update my page, there are certain things that needed my attention first. This is very inspiring and true.

  19. I’m really looking forward to a fresh new month. January was spent with our family pretty much being sick for most of it so I’m anxious to actually get some of my goals on the move.

  20. I definitely need to start growing a new business. I do make excuses like I’m too busy with my blog and my regular job but in order to feel fulfilled I know I need to start!

  21. I began some important activities in 2017. And I hope to reach that succes I want in 2018. I wish you a good 2018 year,too!

  22. Sounds like you have a great plan! I think starting something is a positive, and should be encouraged. I’d rather try and fail, then never try anything, and always wonder ‘what if.’

  23. The beginning part of this post reminds me of me and my friends when we used to sit around talking about what we wanted to do but could never agree. So we found ourselves doing nothing until we developed the “less thought, more action” method. Once we came up with that, we actually started moving places and doing things, which was much better.
    David Elliott recently posted..Tuesday’s Tally – 28 Self-Love Things To Do This February

  24. I want to start writing a book. It’s been in my head for a very lo my time but I keep pushing it away. Your post reminds me that the time has come 🙂

  25. It’s wonderful and motivating to see that you followed your dreams and have been running a successful business for 10 years, congratulations on that. I have been dreaming of starting my own fashion line for a while. I will be working towards that this year

  26. Hi Karen,

    What a lovely inspiration you are! I just love the quote you put in here “Are you just spinning your wheels and not really getting anywhere in your life? Maybe it’s time to stop trying to drive a parked car!” I find it a great analogy to this article because we all have to start something, even if we have been here a while. We cannot stay in the same place “spinning our wheels” because it gets us nowhere.

    I do have to start something and that is my sales page. Frightening as it is for me, I did hire someone to give me a hand because I can create products with no problem but when it comes to creating a sales page I stink. I want to master that part of my business.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Get Freelance Work from LinkedIn – It’s Easier Than You Think

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