Motivation Monday: Global Feral Cat Day!

Feral Cat Day!

                     Dave holding little Smokey to “socialize” him



Happy Global Feral Cat Day! Yes, it’s Motivation Monday  and I was in the middle of a mini-series (and I missed last Monday – I’ll catch up!) But I’m taking the opportunity on this special Monday to talk about how hubby Dave and I were motivated 8 years ago to help a litter of five tiny feral kittens who showed up in our back yard on a chilly fall evening (much like today has been, blustery and chilly).



But first, a short history from Days of the Year regarding National Feral Cat Day, a special day that has now gone international with pledged supporters located in 41 countries!


“In August of 2001, Alley Cat Allies celebrated their 10th anniversary, and launched the first annual Feral Cat Day to promote raising awareness about feral cat colonies and how to care for, and prevent them. Alley Cat Allies is a strong supporter of the ‘Trap-Neuter-Return’ policy, where stray cats are captured and brought in to local volunteer veterinarians to be neutered and returned to the streets. This allows the cats to live out their lives on the streets, without creating more kittens to perpetuate the problem.”



Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization of its kind that is dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of stray and feral cats. Here is a paragraph from their site about how to help celebrate this special day:

Feral Cat Day is best celebrated by alerting people about the various issues facing stray cats. Most cities currently catch and impound cats in shelters, briefly attempting to get them adopted before ultimately euthanizing them. Instead, you can educate others about organizations like Alley Cat Allies, and the Trap-Neuter-Return [TNR] policy that saves the cats’ lives while preventing future generations.

You can also begin participating in a stray cat capture program, organizing with a local group to create a Trap-Neuter-Return effort of your very own.

An easily overlooked but incredibly effective method of celebrating is nothing more than getting your own cats neutered to ensure that unwanted kittens will not be born into the world. You too can take part in ensuring that society changes the way it thinks about stray cats, and help to create compassionate communities for house cats and stray cats alike.”



       Our 5 ferals in their kitty condo


In our case, we were motivated to trap and take in these five tiny feral kittens, who were only several weeks old at the time we first saw them, by our vet’s assessment. We knew we couldn’t ignore them, between the weather with its approaching freezing temperatures and precipitation, and the facts regarding our location, at an intersection and with predators in the woods behind our house.


So as I shared a month ago in a much longer post (check it out HERE if you would like to read the full story – and see LOTS of pictures!), we managed to trap all five ferals over the course of several weeks. While the original plan was to keep a couple kittens and find homes for the othersafter cuddling with them for a month or so, there was no way we could part with any of them! So they joined our family and are still with us today as beautiful, healthy adult cats who bring much joy and fun into our lives.


Our handsome Smokey boy!



So What About YOU?


Do you own cats (or are you owned by cats?)


Were you aware of this special Global Feral Cat Day?


Would you feel motivated to help feral cats and other animals in need?



                                             Feeding Time!



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12 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Global Feral Cat Day!”
  1. we dont have cats but have thought about adopting one (or a dog). we used to have a lot of feral cats in our area when we lived in houston, but i haven’t seen any here in connecticut.

  2. I have never heard of this. The trap neuter return method sounds much more humane. Thank you for informing me I did not know that was an option.

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