Melting in Maine-Welcoming Visitors-Embracing Flexibility

So I didn’t get a chance to post last night, due to a chain of events (watch for TWO posts tonight!) For one thing, we are m-e-l-t-i-n-g here in Maine, like so many people are around the country. High 90s, oppressive humidity, and no AC here at home just don’t help people like me with asthma.

I struggled all day yesterday just to try to stay hydrated and still get work done. By early last night, I was feeling quite exhausted, and then hubby and I had surprise visitors. His oldest brother and wife were out on their motorcycles, taking advantage of the slightly cooler night air (and it was cooler outside than inside!), and decided to stop in for a visit.

Sis-in-law’s ride!

Hubby and I stepped outside to see them off later, and the cooler air was wonderful! The house felt really stuffy when we came inside, and in spite of it only being about 9:30, I gave up any thoughts of trying to get anything else done, and went to bed early for a change.

Embracing flexibility seems to be a primary feature of freelancing. Yes, we have deadlines, and have to maintain some kind of structure with attention to wise time management. Yet, it’s important to have flexibility within the structure – to bend rather than break when things don’t go the way we have so carefully planned.

Not only that, but more flexibility, less stress, and more sleep are all good things!

How about you? What’s the weather like in your part of the world? How do you manage hot, humid weather?

Also, what are your thoughts on building some flexibility into your schedule?

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7 thoughts on “Melting in Maine-Welcoming Visitors-Embracing Flexibility”
  1. Flexibility is a challenge for me and I’ve been working at improving my skills for years. I think I’ve gotten better, even though I can feel the stress when things don’t go my way. Sometimes it is more intense than others. One thing I’ve learned that helps is keeping or making lists and at the end of the day reorganizing that list for tomorrow based on priorities and deadlines.

    Oh, and it’s hot here in MA, but I love this kind of weather.
    Heather recently posted..Public Rant

  2. It’s terribly hot down south too. I’ve been scrambling to every store available looking for black out curtains for less than $10 to cover all our windows since our AC went out in April. I can understand where you are coming from.
    Laura Servey recently posted..Social Media and You

  3. I’m with Francene on this one…I start the day with a loose plan…doing this blogging is one of them…following the calls on the Art for Love Series, the other, the latter has a deadline 5pm in the UK but I take 15 minute breaks. I welcome ad hoc interruptions now. A couple of years ago, I was studying for a diploma in journalism and one morning my mother in law arrived for a chat..I was really uptight. My assignment wasnt going well and I begrudged her coming round. But we had tea and chatted and when I went back to my work, the words flowed, I emailed it off later and got very good feedback. I guess it’s about embracing these times as opportunities. By the way it’s 29 degrees in the UK!!

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