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Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt was to create a list of some of our favorite fellow bloggers and their blogs from among the many who participate in the UBC. I started to write that one and then decided to WAIT … until February 1st, and then I’ll present a list of 31 bloggers and their blogs! That will take interested bloggers all the way through February’s 28 days and the first 3 days of March (which is on a Friday), if you check out one a day!

SO … I decided to do a slight variation of that idea and introduce you to ONE blogger today, who is the inspiration behind the Women With Intention Wednesday linkup.



I actually featured Jenny Nickel, wife and mother of five (and now number six on the way), in my PAC article entitled, “7 Successful Women Entrepreneurs and Their Inspirational Leadership Tips.”

This is an excerpt from that article.


Jenny decided in 2013 that she needed to live her life with more intention or purpose. She decided to start her blog, Women With Intention, to share her own “lessons of life” with other women, for the purpose of helping them achieve balance and a simpler life. Every Wednesday, Jenny hosts Women With Intention Wednesday as a blogging linkup for positive, purposeful, uplifting posts.


By following and implementing the tools available at Women With Intention, you can learn to live with purpose, simplicity, and balance. You will also learn to improve your self-care with self-care calendars you can download and print, and be inspired with simple home management tricks and tips to nurture relationships. By taking better care of yourself, and living with purpose, you can inspire and lead others into a more purpose-driven, intentional life.”



Jenny’s blog theme also fits nicely with my own blog post over on my other blog: “Establish Your Direction Intentionally for 2017.” 🙂


So What About YOU?

Do you like the idea of being a woman (or man) of intention?

Do you ever join linkups?



On a related note, if you’re  a woman–especially a busy mom like Jenny–who enjoys a good daily devotional, you might also enjoy fellow blogger Stephanie’s ebook.

[Note: Sometimes my posts will include affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you should decide to purchase something after clicking through my link].

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