May Means Mother Memories-Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms!

We interrupt the series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose to focus on today’s priority: sending Happy Mother’s Day greetings to all Moms everywhere!

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Unfortunately, my Mom passed away in July 2011, so this is my third Mother’s Day without her. This picture is from happier times, the year before she passed away; Mom, her little Annie dog, and hubby and me.

I have reflected on lessons I learned from my Mom and am thankful for them. She and Dad (who passed away in 2002) were strong Christian parents, dedicated to serving God and raising us in the Christian faith. They weren’t perfect – but they loved us and supported us (and eventually, our spouses and children), even when they didn’t necessarily agree with our choices.

Among the many things I’m grateful for, concerning my Mom, are the following:

  • My personal relationship with Jesus, since she was instrumental in leading me to Him through the Good News Clubs she used to teach. She and Dad were wonderful role models in their devotion to serving God.
  • My commitment to family, as she and Dad demonstrated the importance and value of a close knit family.
  • My sewing talents, as Mom used to sew outfits for my sisters and me frequently when we were young. That made me interested in learning to sew early on – who would have guessed it would become such a passion and eventually a home business?
  • My passion for writing – this is something I only recently learned about, as one of many discoveries while sorting through decades of “stuff” at the old homestead before selling it was a lengthy story (30+ handwritten pages) Mom wrote while in high school.  That was quite an intriguing discovery and something none of us knew about. Mom and Dad both also wrote lots of letters to each other during their courtship, and Dad was quite faithful in keeping journals for years. Again, who knew (other than God) that I would eventually pursue a career as a freelance writer and it quite possibly stemmed from the “writing gene” that both parents possessed?

For me, this is my 32nd Mother’s Day – doesn’t seem possible! Here’s a 3-generation photo of Mom with my three daughters and me:

And I can’t leave out my son (my first child who made me a Mom!), even though I can’t find a good recent  picture of us together – and he lives on the other side of the country now!

And my OWN 3-generation photo, as my youngest daughter is also a Mom now, celebrating her second Mother’s Day!

I find myself feeling rather melancholy about Mother’s Day, since my Mom passed away, and my children all live out of state, so we can’t get together. I remember the days of breakfast in bed, flowers, and usually handmade cards until they were old enough to choose their own at the store. It’s difficult even still to just accept that the days of pampering as a Mom on this special day are over, have been over, for many years.

However, I’m thankful for the miracle of technology, that allows us to all get in touch one way or another.

So again, Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms and to those who are blessed to still have your mothers with you, particularly if you have good, healthy relationships with them.

How about you? If you’re a mom, did you have a chance to do anything special today? If your Mom is alive, did you have a chance to spend time with her?

Next post (for real this time): Balancing Our Priorities!

5 thoughts on “May Means Mother Memories-Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms!”
  1. This made me tear up a bit! I feel like I’ve lost my relationship with my mother; I keep trying to reconnect but she pulls away because I can’t give her what she needs. I know I have to just be patient and wait until she needs my support again, but it’s frustrating caring about someone and having to let them make their own mistakes :/ We often don’t realize what we have until it’s gone.

  2. My Mom died when I was 12. It’s so true about not truly appreciating your Mom until you have children of your own. I didn’t have the roadmap she would have provided me with. But I did have a nice afternoon with my son, who is in his early 20’s. May your memories continue to sustain you for future Mother’s Days.
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