May: Making Up for Lost Time

May the Fourth be with you!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist, since my hubby was watching a Myth Buster episode on Star Wars stunts – and we watched the Big Bang Theory episode about Star Wars Day last Thursday (with the pun on May the Force/Fourth be with you!)

Anyway, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post about May Expectations, I am going to take at least this week to make up for lost time in completing the series I started last August (2013) on procrastination. This quote really expresses it well…

Any progress, even a baby step, is better than no forward movement. So to begin making progress again in this blog with the goal of completing this series I began, I wanted to cover a brief overview in today’s post of what I originally started to discuss on the topic of Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.

So as a reminder, what do you think of when  you hear the word procrastination? Courtesy of the Free Online Dictionary,  the definition of procrastination is “To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness” and “To postpone or delay needlessly.”  OUCH.

I would invite those who are interested and would like to read this series from the beginning to refer back to these posts; here are the titles and links:

Preventing Procrastination: What Is It and Why Do We Do It?

Procrastination Is a Barrier

Procrastination Is a Lack of Self-Control

Procrastination Is an Unwillingness to Finish What We Start

Procrastination Is an Inability to Fulfill Our Potential

How Procrastination Interferes with Potential

Dangers of Procrastination

When Procrastination Becomes a Stronghold

Prioritizing Our Priorities

Balancing Our Priorities

Establishing Our Priorities

Tackling Priorities

I hope the series so far has been or will be a blessing to those who take time to read the posts. I just wanted to remind people of this:

This series is a work in progress; it is also a bit of a personal journey, combining a confession of a recognized character flaw and ongoing struggle, with a strategy to overcome this weakness. It is my hope that by sharing these sometimes painful revelations, others who stop by to read will find some inspiration of their own to overcome their own areas of procrastination or other character flaws.


So who’s with me? Do you also struggle with procrastination or are you one of those who is blessed with a gift to manage your time wisely? Please share your tips! I look forward to finishing this series!

8 thoughts on “May: Making Up for Lost Time”
  1. Thanks so much for this reminder. I’m a GREAT Procrastinator, and I have to make a conscious effort to do the things that I want to do. I put off my own blogging because I was lazy. But this month due to the challenge of a friendly coach, I have gotten started blogging again. This is an awesome post. Thanks once again and have a great day.

    David Hunte recently posted..To Teach or Not To Teach – Revisited

  2. It would be impossible to do everything the moment you think of it. During my first marriage, I’d mention something to my husband and he’d get up and attend to it straight away unless I stopped him. Funny, when you think of it.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..Is telepathy achievable?

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