May Expectations

Now that I’m up to my third post for May on May 3rd (YAY!), I wanted to offer at least a tentative idea of May expectations…in other words, what you may expect to read here in this blog for May. 🙂


I love this quote because it describes my recently acquired new outlook on life. May is about moving forward–right after I finish the series I began on procrastination quite awhile ago (last August!)  I never realized how tackling such a tough issue would backfire and I’d end up dealing with the exact struggles I was trying to write about to help others overcome.

SO… those posts will make up content for some of the month of May.

I will also focus on motherhood, since May is the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day.

I’ll definitely discuss motivation, as well, since it ties in so well with overcoming procrastination and moving forward.

Related to motivation and moving, I’ll discuss movement–as in exercising and getting more active.

Finally, I will likely mention momentum as it applies to various areas of my life–personally and professionally.

So in case you didn’t see the pattern–May is about some important “M” words. I hope you will return to read and comment, and follow my blog, if you don’t already.

So what about you? Do you have any special plans for blogging this month or for the month of May in general?


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