March Motivation Modification and the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Happy March 1st (well, it has crept into March 2nd here in Maine!) I apologize for my disappearance from the blogosphere. Life and its various demands and obligations called me away, as I needed to prioritize. March is my birthday month, though, and one thing I want to make time for beginning NOW is getting back into blogging.

It’s about modifying some behaviors and reigniting my motivation to blog consistently. One way I decided to do this is by using the writing prompts from a “new to me” challenge called the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.



So one of the ideas was to share “the story of me and how I got into this freelance career.”  It has been awhile, I think, since I mentioned this. It’s actually a timely topic, because I am just embarking on my 8th year as a professional freelance writer and educational consultant.

I would have to back all the way up to about junior high school (MANY years ago!) when I first realized I loved to write. That passion for writing stayed with me all the way through college (the first time around, between 1976-1980), into the years I was married and raised and homeschooled four children.

Then, when I had an opportunity to go back to school and pursue graduate degrees, I found I enjoyed writing, research, and ongoing studies even more. Funny thing is, I never thought of writing as a career path until I “came home” to work back in February 2008. This was after a short-lived career as a speech-developmental therapist, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but what began as a nearby office therapist position became a traveling therapist position of 350+ miles/week. It was too much for me to handle, due to some health issues, as well as the sometimes dangerous winter travel on back roads here in Maine!

Working away every day! [Source: morgueFile free photos]
Working from home every day!
[Source: morgueFile free photos]

I’m actually not sure when it dawned on me that I could write for a living, but eventually I discovered a whole new world of freelance and telecommute opportunities.  Over these past several years, I have added an M.Ed. degree and have attained doctoral candidacy with my Ed.D.-ABD (All But Dissertation) status. I am now offering writing and educational consultant services. These include such specialized writing services as course and assessment writing, and curriculum development.


I have also stopped settling for pitiful minimal pay–we’re talking less than 1 cent per word or less than the equivalent of minimum wage–from clients and companies that, honestly, take advantage of freelance writers. Now, depending on the client or company, I often receive as much as $25 to $30/hour or thousands of dollars per project. I have found that the more education and experience I gain, the better my opportunities are. I’m looking forward to achieving my ultimate goal of becoming Dr. K. Lee Banks, hopefully by 2016, and seeing what new career doors will open to me.


So there you go – “the story of me and how I got into this freelance career.” 🙂


What about you? Do you write for a living or just for fun? Do you have a job outside the home? Have you thought about pursuing additional education or training to improve your career opportunities?



5 thoughts on “March Motivation Modification and the 30 Day Blogging Challenge”
  1. Thanks for the fun overview of your journey. I just clicked on it for the heck of it, but was pleasantly surprised by the details of your sharing. I have been wondering lately, as I head into the freelance world, what is fair compensation for writing. It’s hard to ask for specific compensation if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It was helpful to me to hear a ballpark figure. And yes, I have thought about getting more education and how useful that could be–but the voice of doubt in me says that it is too late and too expensive. I agree that it could really open some doors. I will have to do some research to see what the options are. Thanks again. Looking forward to continuing to follow. Meg
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  2. I love to write as well, I started to get my stories out and for my clients to get to know me. At the moment I’m a bit in the middle as I’m not sure where to go next. Follow the words I guess.

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